25 weeks pregnant


Her pregnancy now enters the 25th week, half of the 6th month and a few weeks before the expected date of delivery. Although some changes still happen to the baby, the main thing in the coming weeks is to grow and put on weight.

To keep up with this growth, your belly gets bigger and bigger and attracts the attention of many people, including those who love to run their hands over it. Do not stress about it, it is part of the life of a pregnant woman. Celebrate with everyone, your baby is on the way.

You will need to go through a few more obstacles before picking up your baby, especially those related to changes in your body. Follow the medical guidelines and take care of your health, which, like this week, is just a phase and goes faster than you think.

In the meantime, read below about your baby and the changes in your body and what you should do to have a healthier and more peaceful pregnancy.


Baby development

Depending on genetic factors, your baby’s size varies from 30 cm to 33 cm, from head to heel and weighs between 600 g to 850 g. This weight will increase about 30 to 50 g per day. It is him becoming that cute baby you dream of.

The body accelerates growth in relation to the brain and arms and legs are more proportionate. There in the brain, the cerebral cortex has evident grooves, making it more like the brain images we know.

Coordination develops, the senses are heightened and the personality is perceived according to the response to stimuli. If you do a 3D ultrasound you will see a familiar face and may be able to capture a yawn.

The skin receives a layer of fat and becomes less translucent each week until it looks as we know it. The adrenal glands release cortisol, which circulates in the body.

The hair color for the first months of extrauterine life is defined, but it will change over time. His nostrils are released and he practices breathing exercises.


What happens to mom

The belly, although not yet as big as it should be from the third trimester, is a little uncomfortable to sleep and causes some pain in the body, especially in the lower back and pelvic area.

The increase in progesterone relaxes the body’s tissues and causes heartburn, reflux and gas. A good diet helps to reduce these and other characteristic symptoms.

The functioning of the intestine is irregular and that of the bladder increases, both due to compression by the uterus and the many hormonal changes. Hormones also cause mood swings, one time you are happy, another time, crying copiously, often for such an apparent reason.

The hair is either more silky and shiny or falls out a lot. The skin is brighter and spots and acne may appear. The swelling makes your face more round. Some women comment on the nose becoming rounder, the so-called potato nose. However, this changes after delivery.


Care that should be taken at this stage

The recommendation is to always eat in a healthy and balanced way, giving preference to foods that favor the baby’s development, the maintenance of his health and alleviate the symptoms, especially bloating and constipation.

Light physical exercises bring benefits to your body, help you maintain your ideal weight and help with mood swings. Talk to your doctor about which ones are recommended for you.

If you are planning a trip before the baby is born, the second trimester is the most suitable period. The initial phase, with risk of spontaneous abortion and nausea, has passed and the final phase, with difficulty walking and moving, due to the heavy belly has not yet arrived.

A warm bath is a palliative for pain, besides guaranteeing a time for you to relax. Take advantage during pregnancy, because after birth, your baths will need to be faster.


Flu in pregnancy

All the movement inside your body, sharing nutrients with the baby, sleepless nights and a little anxiety can result in a deficiency in your immune system, facilitating the occurrence of flu.

An inconvenience during pregnancy is that you should not take any medicine, which brings risks to the baby. A tip is to get the flu vaccine, when there is a campaign by the Government or go to a private laboratory.

If you have not had the vaccine, it is best to use the most natural means possible to treat yourself. Remembering that because it is viral, the flu goes away the same way it appeared.

Drink lots of water and citrus juices. Saline is indicated for nasal congestion. Gargling with water and salt helps in inflammation of the throat. Honey tea with lemon work as an anti-inflammatory.

In case of fever, it is recommended to cool the body with natural resources, such as a bath from warm to cold, cold compresses on the head, neck and neck and plenty of rest.


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