16 weeks pregnant


The interaction between mom and baby starts to happen from the 16th week. Among the developments in the baby’s development, there is the sensitivity to touch, so he will feel your affection in the belly.

Everything happens in an accelerated way. You, Dad and even your family and friends will notice the changes in your life. The house adapts to the new family member. Probably, you have already started to prepare the baby’s room and this brings a multitude of emotions.

If you want to know how your baby is developing and what are the likely symptoms and sensations you are experiencing in the second half of your pregnancy, keep reading.


Baby development

It’s amazing how your baby has been changing since you found out you were pregnant. At 16 weeks, the organs are all formed and are now going to develop further.

It is between 10 cm to 12 cm and weighs between 80 g to 100 g and these measures will double in 15 days. To get a brief idea of ​​what it is, it looks like a medium pear or avocado. But of course these measures are just a comparison, as they vary a lot for each baby.

The bones are getting stiffer, the legs are growing and the muscles are working. He moves a lot and with all the space he still has inside the womb, the game is really fun.

You may feel some of these movements, but they are more like light touches. Over time, it will get stronger and you will notice it more often. However, this is not a rule, some women may feel less, which does not mean that there is something wrong with their pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about this.

The circulatory and urinary systems are improved. The heart pumps blood. The kidneys work and grow about 1 mm a week. The act of swallowing the amniotic fluid helps the baby to exercise the lungs.


What happens to mom

The breasts grew more in relation to the first weeks and are more sensitive. The uterus expands and becomes taller, it can be felt 7 cm below the navel. The belly appears even more.

Blood circulation is five times greater, which causes swelling in the hands, feet and ankles. You may need to buy more shoes. Even so, this does not interfere with your disposition, which is much better this quarter.

The baby will need more nutrients, which will increase his appetite. Digestion slows down, so it is recommended to pay attention to what you eat.

The enlargement of the uterus can cause pressure on the bones in the waist, groin and lumbar region, resulting in pelvic pain. There are some risk factors that can increase pain, including the use of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, inflammation, fertility drugs, use of an IUD, abortion in previous pregnancies and women over 35 years of age.


Care that should be taken at this stage

Attention to food should be something important, especially during pregnancy. If you are what you eat now, so is your baby. In addition to ensuring better nutrients for its growth, it ensures the reduction of common symptoms during pregnancy and benefits you.

Food suggestions are rich in fiber, iron, calcium and zinc. Among them are spinach, kale, milk and dairy products, beans, chickpeas, and other fruits and vegetables. Avoid fatty foods, sugar and reduce sodium.

Likewise, there are certain foods that present risks to the mother and baby, such as raw meats, chickens, eggs and fish; mature cheeses, such as brie, cambert, ricotta cheese; sweeteners, peanuts. Fruits and vegetables must be properly washed.

Hormonal changes and enlargement of the uterus cause back pain and pelvic pain, which are quite uncomfortable, but do not take pain medication without the strict indication of your doctor, as they can bring problems to your baby.

Enjoy your energy and practice low impact exercises. As your joints are more sensitive, exercises that put more strain on your muscles are not recommended. Bet on hiking, yoga, water aerobics, stretching, light weight training. If your pregnancy is at risk and follow the medical advice for absolute rest.

To keep you more calm, relaxation and meditation techniques are very welcome.


Pregnant wishes

Willingness to eat strange things at the most unusual times. There are those who say that having wishes is the morning of a pregnant woman. The truth is that hormonal changes and the constant and greater need to replace nutrients, makes the woman’s body during pregnancy more urgently need certain foods.

The scientific explanation for this is, that when desires arise, it means that the woman is deficient in something in the body. Wanting to eat meat at dawn can be a sign that there is an iron deficit, for example.

This lack also justifies crazy desires, like brick, earth, clay and the crazy mix of sweet and savory foods, like bacon with condensed milk or vegetableswith whipped cream.

Do your prenatal care properly and have a balanced diet. And of course, having some pampering attended by your husband and other people is a good thing in pregnancy, so take the time to ask for some things, just don’t abuse it too much.


Urinary infection

Pain and burning to urinate is a sign of urinary tract infection, which occurs in about 10% of pregnant women. In certain cases, cystitis is asymptomatic. Despite being a normal situation, it is essential to talk to your doctor and carry out the appropriate treatment as soon as possible, to avoid problems for your baby and also for you.



An exam that can be requested for pregnant women from 35 years old or for parents with genetic problems, to check the risk of chromosomal syndrome, such as Down Syndrome. This examination, however, should only be done if there is suspicion, as it is quite risky for the mother and baby.


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