14 weeks pregnant


From the storm to the calm. This is more or less how many moms feel when they are in the second trimester of pregnancy. You are feeling more willing, the baby is formed and must have told family and friends.

If you chose to wait to spread the good news, now is the best time to do so, even at your workplace. And if it was possible to know the sex of the baby at the last ultrasound, which is not guaranteed, perhaps prepare the famous tea of ​​revelation or something special to tell all the winds, that yes, you will have a baby.

It is also a good time to prepare the baby’s room, start the layette and, why not, see more comfortable clothes for you. Whatever your schedule from now on, the important thing is to know that your life will not be the same in the coming weeks, months and years.

To enjoy your pregnancy a little more, keep reading and find out how your baby is now, what is probably happening to you and some precautions you should take.


Baby development

From that week, your baby starts to gain weight and will continue to progress like this until the end of pregnancy. Measuring from the head to the butt, it should be between 8 to 9.3 cm and weigh from 40 g to 50 g. These measures, however, are only one parameter, varying according to each baby.

The brain sends commands to the muscles and it already makes faces, frowns and tries to grab. In fact, it moves a lot and, it may be, that you can feel a little of all this excitement, but be calm if it doesn’t happen yet.

The taste buds begin to function and your baby feels the difference in flavors. Another novelty is that he has hair on his eyebrows, hair and a feather on the rest of his body. Ah, the story that babies with a lot of hair cause heartburn in the mother is a myth, the real villain is the sweets and fats you eat.


What happens to mom

Usually, nausea is no longer a problem at this stage of pregnancy, but if you still suffer from it, accompanied by constant vomiting, talk to your doctor.

Your uterus is taller and has expanded, being compared to the size of an avocado and will continue like this, following the baby’s growth and returning to its normal size 6 to 8 weeks after delivery.

Her belly follows the same rhythm and gets more rounded and beautiful every day. Eat a balanced diet, exercise and enjoy your body changes now, without worrying about changes in your body.

The breasts are also growing and the areolas get bigger with a darker color. This change is explained by the increase in the hormone melanocyte, which stimulates the production of melanin.

Colostrum, the first milk produced by the mother during breastfeeding, is produced from that week, however the production of breast milk only increases after the baby is born, being prevented in pregnancy by estrogen.

The melanocyte makes some spots appear on the skin and the nigra line, a dark band that appears in the middle of the belly and extends from the stomach to the pubic region, and can extend to the part below the breasts, and disappears in the same way that it appeared, afterwards from birth.


Care that should be taken at this stage

The use of sunscreen and specific body moisturizers for pregnant women prevents dark spots. It is important to choose safe products, dermatologists recommend avoiding protectors that contain oxybenzone in the formula.

Many women are very uncomfortable because they cannot dye their hair during pregnancy. There are some dyes without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide that are safer, talk to your doctor about use. If you can, keep your hair hydrated and cared for and take advantage of that time for that detox dye.

Food during pregnancy is something that cannot be neglected. As much as they say that a pregnant woman eats for two and that she is entitled to everything, it is best to maintain a balance. This helps to maintain an ideal weight and reduces the likelihood of heartburn and constipation.

Back and head pains are boring symptoms, yet only take drugs prescribed by your doctor. Some women seek treatment with massages, remember to consult a qualified professional. Never self-medicate.

Ah, this week is the limit for the nuchal translucency exam, which looks at possible chromosomal changes, such as Down syndrome and other diseases.


Do you really need to buy pregnant clothes?

The anxiety and euphoria of knowing that you are pregnant can encourage you to buy pregnant clothes. Which is quite normal seeing the belly grow. The truth is that there are comfortable and very beautiful clothing options, which can be used even afterwards, with a few adjustments.

And if you take a good look at your closet, you will find that not all of them will lean against each other, some will fit well and look great in your new silhouette, which will then change again.

Set aside a day to look at your wardrobe and try to make new combinations actions. You will see that a pregnant woman can dress very well, without spending too much. Because it is good to save for the baby.


Labor rights of pregnant women

Informing your company’s HR about pregnancy, guarantees labor rights for pregnant women, defined in the Consolidation of Labor Laws, CLT.

In addition to maternity leave, which can be 4 to 6 months, depending on the company, the pregnant woman also has, according to the law:

– job stability

– exemption for at least six medical consultations and complementary exams

– removal from unhealthy places

– time for breastfeeding after maternity leave.


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