The 3-month-old baby

O bebê de 3 meses

Your baby is developing more and more. He already coordinates the movement of his hands and legs better, shakes, moves a lot and interacts well with all the sounds around him, searching with his eyes and head and paying more attention to the noises.

When placed face down, he is able to hold his head up for longer and rests on his arms, as if he were doing a push-up.

He recognizes people well, especially his mother and is happy when he hears her voice, expressing himself with screams and smiles, which is the most beautiful thing you will start to see from 3 months.

They can now be placed in an inclined position, with help and supported. Therefore, when going for a walk, raise the position of the cart a little, so that it can observe the landscape and hear all the sounds.

Encourage language by pointing and speaking the name of everything he is seeing. They love you to talk and make sounds, they will try to imitate each one of them.


Premature babies may take longer to do the same thing, but your baby may surprise you. Be calm and never compare your baby to others. Each baby has its own pace of development. Talk to the pediatrician and ask your questions.


Crying and tears

 From 3 months, the baby will want to keep his eyes open for a longer time, will blink more often and this will increase the production of tears.

So, if he used to cry before and you thought it was crocodile tears, because there wasn’t even a drop, now you will see them appear.

And as your baby starts to understand more things, especially that through crying he can have his needs met, he will want to use this feature a lot.


Games and activities

 Keep putting the baby face down, show and swing objects, preferably with those little noises. It will move its head towards what you are showing. This game serves to strengthen the back of the neck and back.

Let your baby feel the texture of the objects. Offer several types of textures, rough, soft, in short.

Talking to the baby is fun and pleasurable for him, so talk about what he is doing or what you are going to do together. Sing those baby favorite songs and don’t mind if you’re not a great singer, because the baby loves your voice.

Reading to your baby is also very good. Choose colorful books with lots of pictures and read with different intonations and interpretations. If you do not have an exclusive book for babies, no problem, use it for older children, the important thing is to create stimuli.

Outdoor walks become much more interactive for the baby. He will take a closer look at the colors, objects and things around him. Point them all out, speak the name and make sounds.



Now the baby knows how to breastfeed very well and, if he used to take about 40 minutes to have all the properties of milk, at this stage he can acquire what he needs in less time.

In addition, your baby is more curious, so he is more distracted and wants to watch what happens nearby, interact more when he hears your voice. Therefore, you should interrupt the feeding a few times.

Do not think that because he seems disinterested and does not want to stay longer in the breast, that his milk is weak. Keep calm and don’t listen to other people’s opinions. If your baby is gaining weight and is healthy, his milk is perfectly normal.

As your body is adapting to these changes, the breast will not be as full and hard as in the first 2 months, but there is still a lot of milk for your baby. Stay calm, because too much stress can hinder production.



With 3 months, the sleep time should already be defined and some babies already sleep all night without waking up to breastfeed.

If you have waited until now to start the bedtime routine, you will need a little more patience to introduce it. Set a time to start and create a sleep ritual.

Bathing at this time can help a lot. That relaxing massage, too. The lights and noise in the house must be reduced, even more than any external sound can get your baby’s attention.

Every baby can learn to sleep alone, and he’ll do it all night if you teach. Your nights of sleep and his ependo n that learning.


Vaccines and pediatrician consultations

The vaccine given this month is the first dose of meningococcal, which protects against group C meningitis.

Private posts and currently public posts have started to apply ACWY, which protects against various groups of meningitis.

Unlike the 2-month vaccine, this does not cause a reaction. It may be that your baby is a little more sly by the pain of the bite, but nothing that too much lap and affection does not solve.


Karla Mendonça

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