The baby of 1 year and 5 months

O bebê de 1 ano e 5 meses

Your baby’s first words were “mama”, “papa”, “dada”, “gugu”. From that stage, this vocabulary will increase a lot. He will start making himself understood, even if it is in his language, that only Mom understands, but the easier words will come out.

When he learns new words, he can keep repeating himself many times, which can be funny and yield stories in the future. Even if you don’t understand what he says at first, try to find out and reinforce the word for him to learn.

He will want to do many things alone, it is the part of independence that insists on getting stronger and stronger. If it is safe for him, let him do it, like getting dressed on his own, picking up the spoon, eating, until he rinses the soap at bath time. There are many achievements and he feels great doing it.

As your baby grows, you learn to deal with not only his challenges, but yours. The most important thing is to be calm and patient and enjoy each moment as part of the development of both. Don’t stress if something doesn’t work out in the beginning.


Stimuli and Games

Whether your baby is a chatterbox or not, continue to encourage speech by talking a lot with him, singing songs and telling stories. It is good to speak normally, without using the same infantile terms as him. If he says “agá”, for example, and you know it is water, say “here is the water”.

Some applications were developed to encourage learning. They help a lot, but be careful not to leave your baby too long on the cell phone or in front of the television, even though it is tempting to see him quiet. Try to sit down with him to learn together and repeat the proposed activities.

Even if you are afraid that he will get hurt or become ill, avoid over-protecting him. Babies learn best by exploring, touching objects, often putting them in the mouth, feeling the textures, flavors.

Of course, it is important to pay attention to greater risks such as toxic products, fire, among others. So, if you’ve checked all parts of the house and protected everything, let your baby play.

Another very fun activity for your baby is dancing. He prefers children’s songs, more animated, with easy gestures and steps, but you can hear other styles with him. Just be careful with the letter, because if there is a word he cannot speak, he will certainly speak a lot.

Drawing is also great for training your baby’s motor skills and imagination. It will create shapes and doodles. In the meantime, identify the colors he uses and draw them together.



The baby’s sleep stabilizes, but naps tend to decrease. He no longer wants to spend all day sleeping with so much to explore. Whenever you notice your baby is more irritated or rubbing his eyes, take a break, try to calm him down and insist on a little nap, it will be beneficial for him.

If you’re still having trouble getting your baby to sleep, the Baby Sleeper course is designed to help moms like you solve it. Get in touch, we are prepared to assist in this and other difficulties with your baby.



With more independence, he will want to eat alone. Encourage this practice, even if it makes dirt. Don’t mind this now, your baby is learning.

It will resist new flavors and types of food. Keep offering anyway. Don’t be tempted to give just what he wants or your baby may be lacking in important nutrients for growth and development.

Search for different recipes with ingredients he doesn’t want. And sit down at the table with him. For more help, visit the Baby Bom de Garfo course.


How to deal with tantrums

Unfortunately, tantrums will happen, even with that baby who was always calm, slept well. The reason is that your baby doesn’t want to be prevented from finding out.

The most important thing is that you do not give in to his attacks, if he realizes that he always gets what he wants at those times, he will keep doing it every time. Hold on. He’s in the stage of learning no.

Keep Calm. Screaming, hitting or even crying, because sometimes it makes you want to, they will only create trauma and make the experience more difficult.

It is recommended not to pay too much attention or laugh. Speak firmly to him and try to make him understand that you should not do this.


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