Baby’s fourth week

A quarta semana do bebê

The last week of that initial phase. According to the classification made clinically by pediatricians, the newborn is considered a baby or infant. From then on, the new life is no longer counted in weeks and the months will be considered and the changes will gradually become more apparent.

Even though the neck is not strong enough to support the head, when placed face down, the baby can lift it for a short time. When stimulated with sounds, objects or movements, he follows with his eyes and fixes his gaze for a longer time. Although it looks firm, be careful to rest your head in your hand when you hold it in your lap.

Language attempts will be more intense and he will try to babble some sounds. Encourage this learning by talking a lot with your baby and as his vision is developing, try to be at a distance of about 30 cm away so he can see your face.


In general, the baby will continue crying to get what he wants or when something is uncomfortable, such as hunger, sleep, a full diaper, colic and even to ask for a lap.

The good part is that you already know the baby’s way better and, most of the time, you will know exactly what he wants. That story of maternal instinct, which you learn in conjunction with the baby’s development.



The sad news is that they will continue to bother your little one. He will squirm, bend his legs, cry louder and until his stomach is more used to the digestion process, the cramps appear to haunt him.

While they are not gone, continue massaging his belly, flexing his legs towards the abdomen, compresses with a cloth or hot water bag and all the known techniques, mainly to lay him face down on his belly. Besides being very tasty, it helps a lot.

Do not freak out. No listening to guessing opinions and running around making calming teas, unless they’re for you, of course. For the baby, only milk is enough to keep him fed and nourished for 6 months.

Rest assured, if the baby’s health is in order, even before 3 months it can pass. If the crying is too intense, consult a pediatrician about the possibility of gastroesophageal reflux.



For now, the baby continues to sleep a lot and needs daytime naps and 20 full hours of sleep, to have a better cognitive development, in addition to being much happier.

The baby’s sleep is the part that most worries the mother before she is even born. The sleepless nights at first will gradually become long nights, if the baby is conditioned and taught about bedtime.

Insist on the sleep routine, that is, set a time for bedtime, a relaxing bath, put on pajamas, tell a story or sing a song, dim or turn off the lights.

In fact it should be done for a long period of time and it gets easier every night, you will see.


Care for mom

It is normal to feel tired, after all you have less time to relax or do the things you like best to have full attention to the baby.

Even if he needs special care, you should also set aside an exclusive moment for yourself. Rest during a nap, take a shower, eat, watch a good movie. Recharge your physical and mental energies.

For now, it is not to think about changing your body and starting diets. Nutrient restriction can be harmful to you and your baby. Eat a balanced meal, drink lots of water, you will feel really thirsty. If you want, do light exercises that bring relaxation. Enjoy every moment with your baby, because it passes faster than you think.


Karla Mendonça

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