26 weeks pregnant


The space inside the uterus is getting smaller and if you barely felt the baby’s movement before, from that week onwards, kicks and punches can be seen. Leave your phone nearby to record when it happens.

Further intensify the relationship between you and the baby by talking to him and call Daddy to do that too. Did you know that the baby calms down when he hears your voice, even when he is inside the belly? Incredible, isn’t it ?!

From the 26th week onwards, the baby’s development is practically complete and what he will do is grow. There is a possibility of premature birth, however the chance of survival increases to 80%.

Keep reading and find out the measurement parameters for your baby this week and what you can do to alleviate specific pregnancy symptoms.

Even though many people around you want to give an opinion about your pregnancy and compare it with other women, it is important to remember that you and your baby are unique. Don’t worry if your belly is different from someone in the family or from a friend and if the symptoms are not the same. Live your moment.


Baby development

The eyelids are formed and open, like training. The retina is formed, but the baby will improve its functioning a few months after birth, when it will have to get used to the lights and colors from outside.

His size continues to increase and he must be approximately 36 cm and weigh between 760 g to 1 kg. The skin gains that layer of fat so important for temperature control and becomes more pink.

The lungs breathe amniotic fluid and continue training to breathe without the aid of the placenta shortly after delivery. The surfactant liquid, important for the movement of the lungs, continues to form.


What happens to mom

Are you having trouble breathing? It is probably because your uterus is 7 cm above your navel, with a height of 24 cm and your breathing rate has increased, causing this discomfort. Talk to your doctor about non-standard pain.

The blood volume is also higher and the swelling is very apparent. Alternating between sitting or standing, and whenever you lie down, putting your feet up helps a lot.

Pressure from the uterus on the bladder should cause temporary urinary incontinence. Escape moments happen. Even so, keep drinking fluids and don’t postpone trips to the bathroom to avoid urinary tract infection.

If you continue to take care of your diet, your weight gain should be as planned. If you are below or above, talk to your doctor or nutritionist about a targeted food program.

The weight of the belly can cause back pain and now it starts to get harder to bend down to catch things that fall on the floor. Sleep nights are no longer the same as before and finding a position is more difficult. The recommendation is to lie on the left side so as not to press the vena cava.


Care that should be taken at this stage

The examination of the glycemic curve can be ordered by the doctor to check the blood glucose level and the possibility of gestational diabetes. Care must be taken to keep blood sugar under control, avoiding excess sweets and carbohydrates.

A suggested exercise is pilates. It prevents low back pain, assists in the center of gravity, which moves, improves breathing, reduces swelling, improves sleep, increases physical resistance and prepares the body for childbirth.

Watch for more severe pain, blurred vision, excessive tiredness, discharge with a strong color or odor, bleeding. If they do, contact your doctor immediately or go to the nearest hospital.

Have you provided your baby’s layette? Enjoy it before the second quarter is over. You can even do this in the third quarter, but the heavy belly makes walking around stores or getting in and out of cars or buses much more complicated.


Childbirth Preparation Course

It is your first baby, you have chosen to have a normal birth and you are feeling anxious and afraid because of the proximity of birth. Maternity hospitals and some companies offer a course to guide both the mother and the father about what to do when labor begins.

Ask the hospital you have chosen to have your baby or other places for follow-up with doulas, midwives, psychologists and invite the father to join you.


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