The 7-month-old baby

O bebê de 7 meses 1

Your baby’s 7 months is the beginning of the feeling of independence. He already sits alone, manages to crawl to pick up objects, some begin to crawl and the most precocious, even get up with support.

He recognizes people, but his favorite is still mom and will express discomfort when you are away. It is separation anxiety, which starts at 6 months and can last up to almost 1 year.

As he is able to move around more easily, he wants to explore every corner where he can go. This is the time to leave sharp, pointed, breakable objects out of his reach, as well as cleaning products, perfumes and anything that can harm you.

It is better for the baby to be in a safe place, than restricted, so protect sockets, table corners and other places and let him explore.


Stimuli and Games

Plug-in, sound toys that push buttons and stimulate action and reaction are very interesting for the baby, who loves to see what happens and you will have to be a little patient to listen to the same music of a certain toy many times.

Try to vary the toys, so in addition to hearing other sounds, your baby will have other activities and news to discover.

Babies also interact well with repetitive play. Play while he remains attentive. In addition to the fun, the interaction and the bond between you will increase significantly.

A game they like a lot is hide and seek, of course a simpler way, completing with “where is it?” and “found”. He will have fun with you hiding behind a cloth, the sofa, the curtain, someone. This sharpens the senses of sight, hearing and attention.

Babies love to play in the water. On hot days, it is very worthwhile to put water in a basin and let it play. But be very careful and never leave it unattended. After Sudden Death Syndrome, this is one of the biggest causes of infant death, that is, the baby wants to play in the bucket with water and cannot get out alone or slides in the basin and does not know how to get up.



At 7 months, the baby wants to explore the world around him, you may encounter some obstacles at bedtime, even if you are already practicing the routine with him.

To help calm him down, the best way is to avoid agitated jokes, to speak in a quieter tone, always showing him that now is the time to rest, not to play.

Prepare that relaxing bath, put on comfortable clothes, turn off the lights, turn off TVs and other screens and talk to him about what you are going to do at that moment.




If the pediatrician did not release the first baby food at 6 months, he will probably do so at 7 months. Give preference to fruits such as papaya, which favor the proper functioning of the intestine and avoid constipation.

An interesting method for him to learn to eat and have more autonomy is the BLW, which consists of giving the food cut into pieces for the baby to participate in family meals. However, each baby is unique and each mother, too, so it is up to you to choose the best way to introduce new foods to your baby. Following the pediatrician’s guidance, of course, and avoiding industrialized, sweet and processed foods.



Teeth can be born, which may interfere with sleep and food. Inflammation of the gums can be the cause of fever, which is not a rule. Some babies go through this phase without showing any apparent changes.

Perhaps breastfeeding is a little more painful, with a few bites on the nipple. Don’t fight with your baby, he still doesn’t know very well what to do with the teeth that are being born and that makes him angry.



This month you need to vaccinate your baby against the Influenza virus and ACWY, against meningitis.


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