What is white noise?

O que é ruído branco

White noise is a sequence of random signals with equal intensity in different frequencies, used in many applications, such as in the production of electronic music, to set up an equalization in a concert and to test speakers.

This signal can also be obtained by the sound of the television or radio, when they are off the air, by air conditioning or a fan spinning and also with the use of household appliances, such as a vacuum cleaner and a hair dryer.

Because it has the ability to muffle sounds, disguising loud sounds, in addition to technical and scientific use, white noise has been widely disseminated and used as a good helper for people who have difficulty sleeping and also for greater concentration at work.

For babies, white noise refers to the sounds heard still in the uterine environment. Hence babies’ reaction when placed in an environment with some device that emits the sound.


Benefits of white noise for sleep

Indicated not only for babies, but also for adults who have difficulty sleeping, this sound signal exerts positive effects on cognitive functions, such as learning and memory.

Because it is not a constant sound, without variations, when placed next to the baby, it occupies the auditory spectrum and leads to his attention, diverting from other sounds, such as his own crying, which is a factor that makes sleeping more difficult.

When you hear the sound, the baby feels it has returned to the womb, which makes him feel safer, snuggled, and gradually calms him down. He will probably fall asleep and stay asleep longer. For those who have a baby who becomes more agitated at bedtime, white noise can be a great helper.

However, it is recommended that white noise be used for a limited time and should not be left too close to the baby’s ear. This is because the maximum level allowed is 60 decibels, being harmful above that.

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Introducing white noise into baby’s sleep routine

After a relaxing bath, comfortable clothing and breastfeeding, the important part of the sleep routine is that the baby’s room is ready for bedtime. Lights out and white noise playing make a lot of difference.

Currently, there are devices suitable for emitting white noise. Similarly, many apps have been created, both for android phones, iOS and YouTube videos that emit white noise, with programming up to eight hours long.

An app tip available is the Bebe Dorminhoco, in addition to white noise with timer, it even helps to make baby sleep control, with a sleep diary, breastfeeding control, baby development and more for parents and baby to have a healthier life, with peaceful sleep.

The ideal is to put the sound on for a while before the baby sleeps, at least in the first few months, when he is beginning to learn the sleep routine. Some babies may need the sound for a longer period, in case they wake up at night, in order not to become frightened and manage to go back to sleep.

However, for the baby not to become totally dependent on the sound, it is recommended to gradually ween the sound from the baby, lowering the volume gradually. In this way, the baby learns to sleep alone for a long period, without needing any more stimulus.

It is also good that the baby get used to the noises of the house and around it, such as horns, sirens, dogs and car engine, preventing him from waking up frightened every time a different sound happens. Therefore, try to use white noise sparingly.


How to create a sleep routine for your baby

Before buying devices that emit white noise or needing to leave your phone in the baby’s room with a video, hoping that your baby falls asleep quietly, you need to observe if all the factors are favorable for him to sleep peacefully.

Music is only a complement to an entire process and will have little influence if the baby has other needs, such as a bath and changing diapers, among others.

To know how to create the right routine for your baby to sleep well and quiet all night long, without interruptions for night feedings, with the guarantee of growing strong, healthy and happy, learn more about the Bebe Dorminhoco course.

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