What is the best position for the baby to sleep?

Qual a melhor posicao para o bebe dormir



For grandmothers and some mothers, in the 70s and 80s, it was recommended that babies be placed face down in the crib, with the explanation that this position would help strengthen the spine, firm the head better and prevent the baby from choking, facilitating in case of regurgitation.

Over time, the most oriented position considered correct was the side, which was a cause for concern for mothers, who often needed to wedge their babies in, who moved at all times and preferred to be on their stomachs. Little did these mothers know that it was really the babies to want to be like this.


The correct position is belly up

Studies related to Sudden Death Syndrome, when babies aged two to three months, up to one year, die in the crib for no apparent reason, led specialists to advise mothers, grandparents and caregivers to put babies, from the first day of life, lying on their stomachs in the crib.

Here are some guidelines for your baby’s sleep to be safer:

– The place where the baby sleeps should be a mattress with flat, firm surface, with density 28 being the most recommended. If reflux occurs, try to raise with a wedge, without using extra blankets or sheets, which may be a reason for suffocation.

– Crib kits are beautiful and give the false impression of protection against the cold and possible impacts of the baby against the cradle bars. More experts disapprove of their use, as well as any object inside the crib, such as teddy bears, toys and baby cloths, among others.

– Another important tip is to put elastic sheets in the cribs, those that are firm on the mattress. During the movement of the baby, the sheets may loosen.

– Babies also feel hot. So, on warmer days, it is not recommended to dress a lot of clothes. Yes, overheating can be a cause of sudden death.

– A tip on cold days is to use sleeping bags.They keep the baby warm while keeping the arms free for movement to turn around in case of regurgitation.




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