Tips for your baby to sleep on the plane

Dicas para bebe dormir no aviao

Travelling by plane with the baby is a subject that parents always have doubts about. Many even postpone the trip, especially if it’s a long one, worried that the baby, for not being in a place they have already gotten used to, can’t sleep, will get stressed and tired.

However, just as the baby can learn how to sleep in his own room, it is also possible in a certain way to prepare certain things, including the airplane, to become a cozy place, proper for a quiet nap.

So, schedule your trip, book your ticket, pack your family’s bags and, follow these six tips. Enjoy the flight!

1 Book a night flight

If it is a long flight this might be the best option. Passenger noise in the airplane is less, the lights are reduced and the sound of the engine serves as white noise, which helps the baby to rest.

2 Organize everything beforehand

Everything begins well before you get to the airport, starting at packing time. Remember to bring everything allowed and necessary in your carry-on, things that the baby is accustomed to, used during the sleep routine.

This includes diapers, wipes, covers, blankets, pajamas, teddy bears or lulling objects, his favorite song (download to your cell phone or other electronic device that might be used) and anything else that is possible.

In the case of milk, take enough formula and get water from the airplane attendants.

Other items that should be taken in the baby’s carry-on, if already cleared by your pediatrician, are baby food, fruits and small snacks, since the airplane doesn’t have specific baby meals. If the baby is hungry, he will probably not sleep.

3 Get there early

This is another important part. Be there before the scheduled time for check-in, avoiding rush and also avoiding missing your flight, because, if the first part of the trip was hectic, it’s likely that it will be complicated to calm the baby down when it’s time to make him sleep. The option of waiting long hours at the airport waiting for another flight is much more complicated for the baby.

4 Ask for a crib

Airlines make cribs available, which should be requested beforehand.  Generally, they are adequate for babies up to eight months of age. However, since each baby is unique, verify the crib size and if your baby fits well in it.

If he does not fit, one option is to get an extra seat so that your baby is as comfortable as possible.

5 Reduce lighting as much as you can

As mentioned previously, nighttime travelling is best, however, if you can’t get it, try to dim the lighting as much as you can. Turn off electronic devices and everything that might distract the baby.


6 Recreate the sleep routine as much as possible

At home, the baby has learned to sleep by himself going through a sleep rituals. It is much easier to understand that it is time to sleep if these are performed as close as possible to those at home.

Of course; you won’t be able to do everything, like that warm, relaxing bath that helps to calm the baby a lot, although a diaper change, putting pajamas on , bottle feeding, singing, massaging, etc., everything that the space allows and everything you have the habit of doing at home should be done.


What is the best age for the baby to travel?

Our recommendation is for the baby only to be exposed to an environment with many people after 30 days, after he has already had his first shots and his immune system is a little more reinforced. This rule also works for airplane trips even more so because it is a closed environment with air conditioning.

In case it is necessary to travel before that, airlines have a rule to allow babies more than eight days old to travel. At any rate, ask your pediatrician and make sure your baby is well enough to spend all that time travelling.

How to create a routine for the baby to sleep

Creating a routine only with tips is not easy. The routine changes every month. Your friend’s routine probably will not do you any good. In addition, each baby is different and what may sometimes calm one baby might agitate another. That is why a professional’s help makes all the difference.

If you don’t know how to create a sleep routine for your baby and still have difficulties for him to sleep all night, know that you may rely on the help of a sleep specialist who has already helped thousands of mothers on how to teach their babies to sleep well all night long.

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