Safety Measures for the Shared Bed

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Rules for baby’s sleep (in shared bed or in crib)

Put your baby to sleep on it’s back as this helps protect your baby from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome;

Choose a firm mattress, without duvets, blankets, cushions, and stuffed animals;

On cold days put layered clothes on the baby;

Never put your baby to sleep – or fall asleep with it – in an insecure place or surface, such as a sofa, chair, breastfeeding armchair, sofa bed, inflatable bed, or waterbed. In this way, you eliminate the risks of your baby falling or that he/she gets under a very soft mattress depression.

Let the baby cool, adjust the clothes and temperature of the room to prevent the baby from overheating. Always think about the ideal temperature for the parents and put appropriate clothes on the baby as if they were for you;

If possible buy a fan, air-conditioning and even an ambient heater for the colder days, thus keeping the environment pleasant for the baby.

Babies should not sleep alone in an adult bed, nor during nap time.


Karla Mendonça

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