Routine, when to introduce it


First, let’s talk about what a routine is.
A routine is the orientation of the baby’s day.
It is in same way that our day has a sequence of activities, which respects our needs: sleep, hunger, physical activity, leisure, work…
The baby’s routine is the same thing. It is to guide the day, in order to meet all his needs.
A routine is something wonderful. The routine guides the baby’s day and consequently his nights.
That’s why I have established a routine from the first few weeks on.
So, you might wonder if a routine isn’t hard on the baby. No, no, no, no,
Over the months, these hours become more regular. However, the sooner we start, the more natural and gentle it is for the little baby.
Remember: they love to have their needs met, after all, who doesn’t?
That is what we teach in our courses: how to understand your baby’s needs; how to organize a gentle routine that favors food and sleep from birth.



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