How many hours does my baby have to sleep at night?

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It is natural that some mothers may question whether their babies are sleeping too much or too little. In the beginning of motherhood, for first-time mothers, babies seem to sleep little at night and a lot during the day, and many wonder: “how many hours does my baby have to sleep at night?”

What you need to know is that the number of hours the baby needs to sleep varies according to his age and growth. When he is a newborn, he usually sleeps 16 to 20 hours a day, and at one year of age, he already sleeps about 10 hours a night. and during the day can sleep another two to three hours.

Although babies sleep most of the time, it is not common for this sleep to be direct. They sleep several hours at different times of day and night, because it is nursing.

However, after the sixth month, some babies can already sleep a larger part of the night.

How many hours does my baby have to sleep by age?

Let’s better understand the number of hours of sleep babies require according to their age. This information was disclosed in a table of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics.

  • Newborns: newborn babies need 16 to 20 hours of sleep, and usually wake up often at night and in the day to breastfeed.


  • one month: at one month, babies decrease about two hours less than they need for sleep but still wake up a lot at night to nurse.


  • two months: at two months, babies sleep about 15 to 16 hours a day, but still wake up a lot at night to nurse.


  • four months: at four months, we can already notice changes in the baby’s sleep pattern; he goes to sleep 09 to 12 hours a night and two to three hours during the day.


  • six months: at six months the baby already goes to sleep 11 hours a night and during the day, small naps of two to three hours.


  • nine months: at nine months the baby sleeps 11 hours a night and begins to decrease the hours of napping during the day.


  • one year: at this age the baby is already more mature and goes to sleep 10 to 11 hours at night without waking up and continues with naps of one to two hours during the day.


Each baby reacts in a way with reference to sleep. Many situations can influence the routine, such as the tranquility of the parents. Also, we can also mention that some babies may vary slightly from the table.

It is important to create a sleep routine for the baby, respecting its development.

Creating the Sleep Routine for the Baby to Sleep at Night

Babies like routine; they feel safer. Therefore, it is especially important to create a routine from birth.

Even for babies who breastfeed in free demand and intersperse breastfeeding and sleeping almost constantly in the first months, it is possible to create a routine.

Activities to stimulate development can be embedded.

Stipulate a time for night sleep. Create a kind of sleep ritual, with a relaxing bath, massage, more comfortable clothes, lullaby or white noise, lights off or reduced to the maximum.

Remember that the baby is learning how to sleep alone, so be patient and keep the routine every night. The results will appear in a few months



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