When does the baby start sleeping all night?

Quando o bebê começa a dormir a noite toda

In every 10 mothers of newborns, 9.99 comment on the challenge of being able to sleep well. The great hope is that your babies will pass this phase and have a whole night of rest, without interruptions. The main question is when this is going to happen.

In general, parents expect the baby to do so after the first year of life, but, believe me, sometimes these problems persist throughout the childhood, harming even their learning, especially at school age.

Sleep is responsible for our memory.

Everything your baby learns during the day stays in temporary memory. During sleep, this learning goes to permanent memory, fixing what your child has learned. So, invest in quality sleep for your baby’s health.

In the same way that helping your child eat well is an act of love, teaching him to sleep well also is. This is your new journey as a mother: taking the baby through feeding, sleep, tantrums… Each stage has its challenges, and our job as a mother or father is always to help our children, never giving up.


Do you know when your baby’s going to sleep all night when he learns to lull himself. Alone? no holding, no cradling, no lullaby? Yes. That’s one of the important things for him to sleep well and all night.

You say, “But when I put my baby in the crib awake he cries, screams!” That is why you need professional guidance, to do it the right way, gradually and gently.

So, if your child is four years old and still needs you to stay by his side until he sleeps, he will most likely continue to wake up at night calling for his parents.

If your baby doesn’t know how to lull himself, if he doesn’t go down in the crib and sleep alone, his sleep problem won’t solve itself.

You say, “I thought it was the teething or a development leap!” That’s a phrase we hear every day! But believe me, that’s not the cause. During these phases babies can wake up crying, yes, but it lasts only a few days; it is temporary.

Be happy, because now you have our company to help you. In our course, you learn how to teach your baby to lull himself asleep.

Remember, this is just one of the things that will help your baby sleep better. There are several other very important aspects. So, don’t stress your baby by simply putting him in the crib awake and letting him cry. Please don’t do this! Take our online sleep course (0-5 months or 6-23 months) and help your baby enjoy sleep, creating a positive association with sleep. The course is available to be watched for six months, and, whenever you have a question, you can go back and watch again to help you solve it.

You say, “But Karlinha, in my family we follow shared bed or room practice. Can I take the course anyway?” Sure! In the course we guide you through the pros and cons of each method, and the persons who chooses how to apply it are the parents. There is a solution for all kinds of families.

Count on us!



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