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An online course, made for mothers by a mother, and made with the knowledge of a sleep specialist, trained in the USA.

Karla Mendonça

Especialista en sueño infantil

Nutritionist for 13 years, mother of 2 Baby Sleepers and a IMPI (International Maternity & Parenting Institute - California, USA) certified sleep consultant.

She created the Sleepy Baby project, now with more than 400,000 followers, and has been helping mothers from all over Brazil to establish quiet nights of sleep for their babies and their entire family.





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You can have peace and quiet night in the knowledge that your child is developing in a healthy way.


I cannot do this price for very long. You have the time indicated below to enter into our group of mothers who will forget what it means to have a bad nights sleep.

In summarizing all that I've shown you so far, I can say that each of the benefits I'm including for new enrollments, if purchased separately, would cost more than the course itself.

(Attention: this offer is valid if purchased from this page only)

And if you want to change this situation of extreme tiredness and frustration, in which you wear out your relationship with your child and family, I have an irrefutable proposal for you.


I imagine that for you, having a baby who sleeps well sounds like a "distant dream".

And after all that you’ve been through and tried, I understand your distrust.

Rather than me telling you that the method works and can change your reality, let me show you stories like this to give you some motivation to apply diligently.

These mothers also wanted a better reality, and succeeded! They turned sleepless nights into quiet restful nights through the Sleepy Baby project.

It's wonderful to see how much my tips help all these mothers and how they trust me.

Of these 400,000 followers, I was able to directly help more than 9,000 mothers with the online course.


As I said, most are based on common sense and end up joining 87% of mothers whose children have problems sleeping.

My invitation is for you to become part of the 13% who know exactly how to say goodbye to sleepless nights of crying, followed by tiring and stressful days.

This will give you rest, and health for your baby and the entire family.

After all, what mother does not want her child to grow and develop healthily?

What mother does not want to see their child happy?

These mothers also wanted this, and succeeded! They turned sleepless nights into quiet restful nights through the Sleepy Baby project.

Karina Bacchi

7 million Instagram followers

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"Karla from Sleepy Baby has an online course that I highly recommend that helped a lot for Enrico's sleep, a very gentle course that does not leave the baby crying all night."

Bella Falconi

4 million Instagram followers

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"Karla, I have much to thank you for, you are an angel in my life. Everything she taught me I put into practice with Stella. It's impressive, from the first night I've seen progress. It's obvious that every baby has his time, but it works. Everything she told me worked. Several celebrities I know have already done it too, and it worked!"

Shantal Verdelho

1 million Instagram followers

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"I decided to take the course, I've known about it for some time, but I'm very forgetful and decided to do it now in the final stretch of my pregnancy. The great advantage is that the course is online, you do at home. The reports I saw on the Instagram were surreal, the parents said that their children slept between 10 and 12 hours per night."

Thaeme Mariôto

6 million Instagram followers

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"I need to personally share with you about the online baby sleep course I'm doing. I was told about Karla, and the testimonies I saw were babies who slept for several hours straight after breastfeeding, naturally, without leaving them to cry. I wanted to congratulate you, Karla, I would recommend you to EVERYONE."


So I invite you to be part of a select group.

The Sleep course (0 a 5 meses) is my 100% online video course.

It contains all the content from my classroom lessons, and the best of what I learned at IMPI (California, USA).

With it I have already been able to help more than 9,000 families who now know what it is to have a quiet night of sleep.

And why do I offer this course?

Well, I know that not all mothers can go to my classroom lessons and leave their children with someone else.

And I know that a mother’s busy life prevents many from leaving home when day-to-day fatigue has already overwhelmed them.

Your needs are considered in this course, and so it is fast, practical and effective.

It makes no sense for me to make a course with hours upon hours of classes knowing that mothers have no time to put it into practice.

So if you want something of high quality and of a short duration, THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU!

The course is about 3 hours long and you can watch it on your mobile device or computer. The course is completely subtitled allowing you to watch without audio if necessary.

These classes are available in an exclusive member area for students, and you can access it as many times as you want for 6 months!

Here we work step-by-step so you can understand how your baby’s sleep works so that you can in turn get them to sleep well.

The classes are divided into 6 modules, and I will now tell you a little about each one.

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by Karla Mendonça Certified Sleep Consultant

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M0 - Base Module

Here I will show you the basis of everything. That is, I will tell you in detail the 3 natural mechanisms of sleep, and in detail, how to apply in your child’s routine.

How to encourage sleep hormones, how to detect and correct sleep associations, and how to create a gentle and functional sleep ritual...

All this and more will be answered in this module

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M1 - Nighttime sleep and Naps

In this module I will talk about each part of a sleeping baby’s routine, obeying the natural mechanisms of sleep and giving practical examples of what to do.

M2 - The Sleep Environment

In this module I talk about the importance with the environment in which your baby goes to sleep, how to use the sleep inducers and what must be done to respect the biological mechanism.

M3 - Gentle Transition and Associations

I practically show you how to get your child to sleep. Here I will delve into very powerful techniques for removing sleep associations, such as the Gentle Transition and the Exchange of Associations.


Here I will teach you how to perform nocturnal weaning gradually and without pain so that your baby can sleep peacefully through the night.

M5 - Future

How to maintain this quality sleep throughout my child's life? How to act when we are away from home or traveling? There are questions like these that the last module aims to solve.

I commit to forming in you the confidence to say:

“I can now give my home peaceful nights and guarantee the health of my baby”.

And reap the rewards of it for the rest of your child's life.

Here comes the big question: How much does it all cost??

When I thought of this online course, I began to question the mothers I had already helped as to how much an online course with all these tools would be worth.

They were willing to pay USD 600 for these classes. But of course, this is NOT the cost of the course.

I understand that you will find it very expensive, especially since you do not know me as well as these mothers who know my work.

But I'll come back to the question:

And if you think that in order to have access to this information, you would have to go to the USA and train as a consultant, as I did.

And this same information can make your baby sleep well within 15 days, and bring peace back to your home...

I could say with certainty that the course would be worth with more than the USD 600 that the mothers suggested.

But that way I would not be able to fulfill my purpose: to help as many mothers as I can!

After all, was not that what I made an online course?

When I give a workshop in person, they normally cost less than USD 25 per month.

As one could imagine, my fixed costs with face-to-face courses are high and so by doing an online course I am able to pass those savings on to you.


Here you will have a solution to your child and family’s sleepless nights.

And for you to see the difference that the Sleepy Baby method will make in your life and on your pocket, tell me this...

Some mothers have even tried giving their babies stronger formulas to avoid them waking up to feed.

One study by CRESCER magazine showed that, on average, mothers spend about USD 1500 a year trying to make their children sleep better.

And if you think about it, it may not be very different with you...

These expenses do not bring the desired peace.

And beyond the financial spending, the biggest burden is the emotional burnout it brings.

It's not worth continuing like this...

So, thinking about these expenses and all the emotional effects, the value I offer you in the Sleepy Baby course today already brings a gigantic saving.

I'm sure of at least this: you will not find these benefits in another product on the market.

Mainly with immediate application and results in 15 days.


And if you want to change this situation of extreme tiredness and frustration, in which you wear out your relationship with your child and family, I have an irrefutable proposal for you.


The opportunity that I'm offering you on this page, few mothers can access.

I only open these classes a few times a year.

No more excuses!

Think about it.

And I know you can do this without leaving home. And in 15 days!

All this for am incredibly low price that I do for few mothers and very few times a year.

So, since today is not an ordinary day, you will not pay USD 197.00 for the course and all the bonuses including individualized community mentoring.

You can have peace and quiet in your evenings and know that your child is developing in a healthy way for only USD 129.00!

That is less than USD 3.63 per day.

Or maybe you could spend it on things that have the intention to make your baby’s life better, but only make it worse.

BUT, I can not make this available for long. You have the time indicated below to enter into our group of mothers who will forget what it means to have a bad nights sleep.

There are still two more things I would like to give, in case you decide to join our group today...

Go on to the next page to see my two special surprises.

This page is scheduled to expire as soon as this counter reaches ZERO. As soon as this happens the promotional price will also expire. This will not be influenced by me. In case the counter zeros, the price will return to USD 129.00.

Here are the 2 surprises!


Baby Food and Routine course, exclusive to those who buy through this page.



by Karla Mendonça


“Baby Food and Routine” course

In the same way that we adults need to ingest all the calories we need during the day to sleep through the night without eating, so do our babies. They need to get all the calories they need during the day to get to sleep for longer at night. This is a course to help the mother guide her up to 6 month old baby’s daily routine in order to improve naps and nighttime sleep. Sleep and quality feeding are directly related. Other subjects addressed in this course are: baby’s pacifier, routine and crying.

Value: USD 129.00.

TODAY: FREE (only via this page)


This is the only way to have access to this course for free.

If you try to receive this course on any other page, it will be charged at USD 197.00.


30 Day Warranty: as I said before, the mothers I have already helped trust me and know that my course has helped them.

But maybe you're meeting me now. So, to thank you for putting your confidence in me, I’m going to give you this reassurance.

You will have 30 days to test the course content.

If you join our class and I am unable to help you through this course or via my online consultancy, I will FULLY REFUND the purchase value.

This proves that I really trust the content given in this course.

DMV garantia 7 dias


As I know that shopping online makes most people insecure regarding the quality of products, I will take on your risk!

You have 30 days to test. This is our trust agreement, and I do this because I trust in the honesty of people and in this method that has already helped more than 9,000 mothers.

By clicking the button you will be directed to Hotmart, which is our 100% secure payment platform.

In addition to being the largest payment platform for online courses in Latin America, Hotmart operates in more than 40 countries.

You can use this platform with confidence!

Once your payment is confirmed, you will immediately receive your access information via email to begin learning how to make your baby a Sleepy Baby.

Today is a special day. The day when all your problem can be solved.

With a fast and efficient course, plus my close up monitoring every week.

Con un método rápido y eficiente, además de mi seguimiento de cerca cada semana.

For only USD 129.00! interest free!

But you only have a few minutes, so do not waste any more time.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and the stress it causes on you and your baby

Be a part of the select group of mothers who know how to make their child sleep well!

Make your baby a...

Sleepy Baby!


P.S: On the previous occasions when I made this offer, I received hundreds of emails from people who lost the opportunity to ask any questions at the time of purchase. So as to not leave mothers enduring this regret, I will address some of the more frequently asked questions here:

Question: Is it safe to purchase the Sleepy Baby course?

Answer: Yes, 100% safe! Hotmart is Latin America's largest online payment intermediary, which operates transactions in more than 40 countries. This company guarantees the security and delivery of your purchase, as well as the total secrecy of the data used in the payment process. In addition, Hotmart itself ensures that the 30 DAY WARRANTY I am offering is fulfilled, so it gives you total peace of mind during your purchase.

Question: Will you really return the money if I don’t like the course?

Answer: A. Yes, and I'll tell you why: I don't want unsatisfied students! I want this to be transformative for every mother who buys it. It will not be your payments that will change my life, but I am sure that this investment will change yours. In addition, Hotmart ensures that your money is returned to you within the warranty period.

Question: What are the forms of payment?

Answer: You can purchase the Sleepy Baby course with 10x INTEREST FREE payments on credit card, but it can also be a single payment via a bank transfer ticket. Please remember that when buying with a bank transfer ticket, our system will require up to 3 working days to receive payment and release your purchase.

Tip: If you can, make payment by credit card, since in this way the whole process is immediate. You will receive access to the course minutes after the completed purchase.

Question: How will the course be sent?

Answer: Once the payment is confirmed, the access instructions will be sent to the email that you registered during the purchase at Hotmart. So pay attention to typing, especially if you're using a cell phone, okay? In a few moments, you will receive your course access data and all the bonuses! If you have any difficulty, just send an email to [email protected] so that we can respond to you quickly, with everything you need to access the course.

Question: How long will I have access to the course?

This course is available for 6 months. This period is more than enough time to apply all the techniques, remove all doubts and make the most of the course content. I'm sure that you will fall in love with it, just like other moms have.

Question: I do not know you, so, can I trust you?

Answer: Although I am well known in Belo Horizonte, I know that many moms will not know me throughout Brazil. But do not worry, you can see my work by following me on Instagram and by liking my Facebook page. Again, the 30-day warranty I'm offering is for you to apply all of the content and know that you can enjoy it in the 30 days.

Question: How long until I will begin to see results?

Answer: It depends a lot on the time it will take you to watch the course and on how much time you will devote to applying the techniques. In general, you should begin seeing results in 15 days! However, if you just buy the course and don’t open the link, you would be better off saving your money...This is a very practical course!

Question: Will the techniques work for me?

Answer: This is a series of techniques and tips that can be used by pregnant women or parents of babies up to 5 months - it has already worked for more than 9,000 mothers to date. The Sleepy Baby has the correct sequence of content, based on the 3 mechanisms of sleep principle! This method understands how the sleep of a baby of up to 5 months works, by treating the root of the problem and not just the consequence.

That’s it! If you have no more questions and would like to take your LAST opportunity to join the Sleepy Baby class for the low price of USD 129.00 INTEREST FREE payments, CLICK HERE!