Can I let my baby wake up alone in the morning?

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Babies often wake up just to meet their physiological needs, such as nursing, burping and evacuating. It is normal that in the first months of life they spend more time sleeping than awake.

What we’re going to describe in this article is whether it’s right or wrong to let the baby wake up alone.

Baby sleep experts say it is very important to create a sleep routine for the little ones. The routine, in addition to being beneficial to parents, also brings more safety to the baby.

If we let the baby wake up alone without at least one routine, it is possible that he wakes up outside of hours, disrupting his parents’ sleep, and that, at other times, during the day, he sleeps more than necessary.

Babies who have a feeding routine and fixed bedtime tend to be quieter and safer babies.

According to the world pediatrics organization, children require different sleep hours for each age. In this case, from the fourth month on, we can create a more rule-oriented routine to set the internal clock of babies.

At the beginning of the adaptation to this routine, it is natural that parents wake the baby in the morning or in the day naps, so that it adapts to sleep in the right time during the day and more time during the night, starting by having a fixed time to wake up in the morning.

Over time, the baby will adapt to the schedules and will wake up alone, always close to the same time, to nurse, eat and play. With this well-established routine, the baby will sleep longer hours at night.


How to establish a routine for the baby to wake up alone

In the same way that bedtime and naps need preparation, such as a relaxing bath, a dim light, a lullaby or other sleep stimuli, babies also need a routine to wake up.

They will adapt to the time of waking up in the morning, with sounds, movements and after a quiet night of sleep.

If it is customary to create a sleeping environment for the baby to sleep, the time to wake up will have a different preparation, perhaps a light, a different noise, the smell of something being prepared in the kitchen.

Babies are stimulated by the sensations of touch, smell, and sounds, so these tips are very valuable when stimulating the baby to wake up and always sleep at the same time.


When should I wake up my baby?

The baby should be awake only when sleeping more than the number of hours required at nighttime or in daytime nap.

Even if the baby has had a bad night’s sleep, it is not recommended to let the baby make up for the bad hours of sleep at night during the day. The baby`s rest during the day should follow the recommendation of necessary naps hours, so that it adapts to the necessary hours of the night.

You must keep your nap time, so that in the next few nights he can get enough sleep.

When it is necessary to wake the baby, you need to do so with tranquility and gently. Babies oscillate between deep sleep and light sleep, as do adults.

The ideal is to identify at what stage of sleep he is to wake him in a gentle way.

Baby’s light sleep is easy to identify. Usually, your baby moves his mouth as if sucking something, moves his arms and legs and smiles while he sleeps.

When he is in his light sleep, he will wake up more peacefully, without fright and crying.



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