Can I give the baby some tea to sleep?

Posso dar chás para o bebê dormir

As soon as a mother comments on a social network that she can’t get her child to sleep, a flood of comments begin to appear with so-called natural  palliatives to solve the problem.

Among the most cited media are the many types of teas, especially chamomile, fennel, lemon grass and jasmine, followed by phrases such as “I gave it to my son and he slept peacefully” or “my grandmother taught me…”

For a long time, science has been studying the benefits of tea. There is a specific type of herb for each situation. Indeed, when someone has difficulty sleeping, this is one of the most well-known, natural recommendations there is. However, this solution should exist as an initial adult-oriented resource. Under no circumstance is it recommended to give any liquid to nursing babies other than breast milk or, in the case of babies using formula, only the amount of milk indicated by the pediatrician and the manufacturer should be given.

Disadvantages of giving tea to babies

Giving teas or other liquids during the first few months can interfere with the antibiotic effect of breast milk, decreasing protection against diseases, in addition, the intake of teas can give the false feeling of satiety, leading the baby to refuse the breast and depriving it of nutrients that only milk can offer at this stage.

Another factor is that teas are usually diuretic, that is, they stimulate the body to eliminate toxins through urine. However, in the case of babies, a greater elimination of urine can result in a deficit of calcium and other nutrients present in milk.

What many indicate may be a healthier help is the mother drinking tea, some believe that the properties pass to the baby by milk. If this alternative will give some result is not proven, but it is a safer way for your baby.

Colic: tea is also not indicated

Another thing that can disrupt the baby’s sleep is cramps. They usually occur in children under three months, as a result of an undeveloped digestive system.

When they appear, so do the tips of other mothers, aunts and grandparents who believe that a good tea solves the issue. Watch out for those tips!

The truth is that this maturing process includes the bowel movements, which are getting used to breast milk, which is a light, easily absorbed food. As light as teas are, the introduction of new liquids can cause even greater cramps.

There are other more natural alternatives to calm cramps such as massages to the belly, a to and fro movement of the legs and, best of all, putting the baby’s belly next to yours. Besides being an act that involves all your affection, this will keep his belly warm, which can lessen the pains.

Finally, consult your pediatrician to see if there is no disease that causes pain, such as reflux, for example.


The best way to calm the baby

The logic is true. Babies who sleep well tend to be quieter. Also, mothers who have babies who sleep well, consequently become more willing to take care of their babies. What many mothers are wondering now is how to turn this logic into something concrete, with prolonged effect.

After all, are teas or other tips that will solve my baby’s sleep problem? Unfortunately, no. Sleep involves physiological, biological and behavioral mechanisms. When proper adjustments are made, the sleep problems are solved.

How to make these adjustments? For this, you need professional help. Believe me: tips can help you and sometimes even get in the way, as in the case of teas. What will solve this is professional care.

That’s why we created online courses. In them, we guide you step by step in everything that needs to be solved to finally solve the sleep problems of your baby and his family. Also, you can watch the course as many times as you want for six months. That is, whenever questions arise, you just pull up the video and watch again.



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