Can I wake my baby up in the morning?

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Baby’s sleep is one of the biggest questions of first-time moms. Many questions are asked about how to stimulate the baby’s sleep or whether they should wake the baby in the morning, or let him sleep until he wakes up alone.

Baby sleep experts say it is very important to create a sleep routine for the little ones. The routine, in addition to being beneficial to parents, also brings more safety to the baby.

According to the World Pediatrics Organization, children require different sleep hours for each age. In this case, it is from the fourth month that we can create a better rule over routine to set the internal clock of babies.

To start this routine, it is essential to start the day always at the same time, with a variation of one hour, even if the baby has had a bad night’s sleep. It is recommended that you wake the baby first thing in the morning. This practice will also help him to have other nights of better sleep.

Should I wake up my baby in daytime naps?

To know if it is necessary to wake the baby during the day, it is necessary to observe if he has already exceeded the necessary hours of sleep, which may vary according to his age.

A four-month-old baby, for example, should sleep three to four hours during the day. If your little one exceeds this time, it is recommended that you wake the baby.

If your baby exceeds the time of the daytime nap, it is very likely that his night sleep will also be affected.

We can observe that the daytime naps also need regular schedules. We do not need to be so rigid, but the schedules should be close, so the baby will adapt faster to a sleep routine and will have quieter nights.

Each baby reacts in a way with reference to sleep, many situations can influence the routine, such as, for example, the tranquility of parents, noise, preparation prior to bedtime, lights, bath, feeding times and meals.

Babies like preparing for sleep and feel safer with the same preparation every day. Therefore, it is very important to create a routine from birth.

Stimulating your baby so that he stays awake until the ideal time of sleep is important. At first will require a little patience, but after the baby gets used to the daily ritual of sleep, practiced always at the same time, he will wake up at the stipulated times and feel sleepy also at the same times, either in the daytime or at night.

Stipulate a time for night sleep. Create a sort of sleep ritual, with a relaxing bath, massage, more comfortable clothes, lullaby or white noise, lights off or reduced to the maximum.

How am I supposed to wake up my baby?

When it is necessary to wake the baby, you must do it with tranquility, in a quiet way. Babies vary between deep sleep and light sleep, as do adults.

The ideal is to identify at what sleep cycle he is in to wake him in a quiet way.

Babies’ light sleep is easy to identify. Usually your baby moves his mouth as if sucking something, moves his arms and legs and smiles while he sleeps.

When he is in his light sleep, he will wake up more peacefully, without fright and crying.

Remember that the baby is learning how to sleep alone, so be patient and keep the routine every night. The results will appear in a few months.



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