Why does my baby grunts when he sleeps?

por que meu bebe resmunga dormindo

We adults have often gone through the experience of waking up in the middle of the night and then going back to sleep. This also happens to babies.

What you should teach your baby is how he can go back to sleep alone. It may seem impossible for many moms to help their babies sleep again without picking him up, breastfeeding, giving him a pacifier or cuddling. Continue reading this article and find that, not only is it possible, but you can do this and have quality sleep for both the baby and you.

Young children may wake up and grunt, but it’s just a phase. Let’s name here some common reasons why your baby grunts while asleep.

Changes in baby habits will depend on changing parents’ habits. If you have a habit of making the baby sleep every time you cry, his quality of sleep can drop in the first few years of life.

In many studies already conducted, it has been proven that babies who received less attention at night slept longer and more deeply than babies whose parents gave laptime, affection and night feeding.

Not always the grunting of your baby is a sign of a serious problem. The grunting can be temporary.

Habits That Makes Your Baby Grunt While Asleep

  • Eating off schedule: your baby needs to have a feeding routine with pre-set schedules. It helps that the baby understands when he will get fed, when it is time to sleep or play. Babies know exactly the time for each situation if they adapt to a rule-based routine.
  • Holding the baby all the time: babies love to be held; that’s the purest truth. We moms also love holding these little ones who smell like heaven. However. the truth is that the holding them, spoils them! If you hold them all the time, your baby will feel insecure when he is alone. So, he will complain as soon as they want mom’s and dad’s cuddly arms or even uncles and aunts.
  • Letting the baby sleep in the couple’s bed: letting him sleep in his parents’ bed is a big problem. Because when he has to sleep alone in his own room he will feel alone and insecure.

Getting up and checking if the baby is okay is normal and should be done at the beginning, but do not give your baby food, lap or affection, wait a while for him to get used to and go back to sleep alone.

After the baby adapts to this routine, you will have a longer and better night’s sleep. It’s just a matter of patience.

Benefits in teaching the baby to go back to sleep alone

Don’t worry, Mommy! Babies  adapt faster than we realize. Just as you learned to stay out of the womb and get used to the new routine, you will also learn to sleep and decrease grumbling.

Let’s look at some benefits for your baby’s development if he has a longer and deeper sleep.

  • Some hormones are released during sleep. The larger the child gets, the more he needs to sleep well, to develop healthily; If you create sleep habits now, while you are a little baby, it will be easier as it  grows to have healthier nights of sleep.
  • A rested mom and dad will be able to give greater attention and affection to your baby during the day, so getting used to a balanced routine is recommended and very healthy for the whole family.


Enjoy your baby’s development phase with quality and health. Good nights sleep is necessary for babies and parents. Do not blame yourself for letting the baby mumble a little more until he can sleep alone, it is a difficult phase in which we want to just hold the little one and lull it, but soon it adapts to the new routine and you will manage to have more quality and time with your baby being more rested to teach and enjoy every moment of this beautiful phase that is MOTHERHOOD.



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