The end of crying at bedtime
and a happy smile stamped on the face of each mother.

Basic Module. Understanding My Baby’s Sleep

Discover all the benefits of sleep to your baby’s health and the three natural mechanisms that are the basis of our course. From now on, you will feel more secure when your baby’s bedtime approaches…

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In this manner, you will feel more secure when you, mother, mother-in-law or even your friends ask you why you’re doing everything differently from what they learned and want to teach you.

Stage 1. Organizing Night Sleep, Naps and the Routine

Stage 2. How to remove Sleep Associations in a Gentle Manner

Stage 3. Weening Nocturnal Breastfeeding

Stage 4. Sleep Education Methods for Removal of Associations

Stage 5. How to Maintain Quality Sleep: in the Future and When Departing from the Routine

To improve your baby’s routine even more, I prepared six bonuses as a GIFT for you:

I will not leave you alone watching the classes. I will be by your side along with my team until you can do it!

To this end, I offer you great individualized professional follow up, with support for six months!

If you have any doubt, you can count on my orientation not only for a day; here, there are no restriction or quantity of doubts...

I will not leave you alone WHILE YOUR BABY IS NOT SLEEPING WELL!

To schedule only two hours of online Consulting with me, you would normally need to invest exactly $ 300.

However, requesting your access today, you will enter the VIP group of special conditions and can clarify all of your doubts in the Sleepy Baby community for six whole months.

The value of this present I am giving you today is immeasurable.

Because you will have a consultant to ask and remove any doubts as many times as you want!


There is another bonus gift for you!

Bonus 1. A SUPER APP connecting you to the mothers of sleepy babies 24/7!

I’m sure you know that hour when you are tired and don’t have anyone to talk to to relieve stress or clarify doubt when the baby can’t sleep. I know exactly what this loneliness is like, and, in the middle of the night, it’s very sad not to have anyone to rely on with security.

Thinking of you and your emotional state, myself and my team created the Sleepy Baby app, where you can talk to my assistants or me and maintain contact 24 hours a day with other connected mothers.

The app is 100% free and access to it is unlimited.


Bonus 2. Online Doubt-Removing Consulting

In order for you not to be insecure and know than you can count on my team and I during the next six months. At all times and knowing that my team and I will always be close by, whenever you need it.

$ 300

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Bonus 3. Sleep Plan

A complete guide in the form of a workbook that will make you baby sleep peacefully, with total safety.

$ 67

Bono 4. White Noise

These are magical sounds, capable of transmitting security and tranquility to each of the baby’s phases.

$ 27

Bonus 5. Highlights Series

My house, my family, all the details with the greatest loving care about my day-to-day activities to help you with my routine.

No specific value is placed, because this is something I would never sell. I will give it only to the mothers of the Sleepy Baby Community.

At this stage, alphabetizing taste is needed and this involves routine, creativity and much scientific technique that you can learn in this course!

“Dear, what else can I share with you?

Here are all the secrets that have made my son, Edu, sleep 11 straight hours since four months of age, and Guto have 12 straight hours of sleep since two months of age.

The time to act is now! To have access to your exclusive password, just click on the buttone below and I will see you here beside me in this community of extraordinarily happy moms,.

Oh! Afterwards, I want to get snapshots of you with your quite happy Sleepy Baby!

A big kiss,
Karla Mendonça"

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Want to receive your access password now?

I know that regardless of what the reason your baby is not sleeping, you and I need to protect his health, and sleep is fundamental to creation of healthy growth.

For this reason and having invested more than 112 thousand Real in my studies, research and professional qualification, I have decided to help mothers who, like you, need to get the correct guidance.

That is why, you won’t need to study or research everything I already have. You can now have access to all these techniques without running the risk of committing the same mistakes I have before.

I have already thought it all for you!

I know that you can’t be away from home right now and travel to meet me to stay three days in a classroom learning the three-mechanism sleep method with me.

That is why I recorded the entire Sleepy Baby course. In this way, you can also revisit the classes anytime, without leaving home, at any time of the day.

Besides this, I also thought of the savings that online classes can provide you.

If you were to invest in travel, hotel and the workshop itself for three days, this would costa round US$815 for sure, but the online course is a further advantage.

You WON’T have to invest that much, not even half of this

In fact, you will invest less that $ 300, because I decided that every mother, even those with lower income, deserve to have access to these simple, practical techniques that I can teach you.

Thinking in this way, I calculated the lowest price possible for the Sleepy Baby course.

Still not sure?

How about a surprise bonus, valid for just the next 20 minutes?

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And another gift for you

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Mother to André


Mother to Catarina

Now you already know everything you need to in order to make the decision to allow your baby to get peaceful nights of angelical sleep, click below and come to use the same techniques that they are enjoying and recommending!


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Caras Magazine

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Revista Pais&Filhos (Parents&Children Magazine)

DMV garantia 7 dias


I am so certain that my method works that, even after I show you all these testimonials, even after explaining each module, each bonus and offering you six months of support for your doubts, even so, I want you to feel that there is “zero” risk of you entering our community.

Thinking of this, I give you the benefit of my Karla Mendonça unconditional guarantee, where you have seven days to analyze the content and, in case you think that it’s not for you and your baby, you can ask for your investment back, and my team will return it immediately.

This is the greatest proof that I can give you of our relationship of trust, starting right now!


1. How long will it take before my baby begins sleeping well after I purchase the course?

Soon in the first day you have access to the initial techniques and you already start to put it into practice, your baby will gradually start sleeping better.

2. I am caring for my baby alone. Will the course help me so as not to need to keep going on the Internet to research my doubts? I don’t have time for anything.

Don’t worry. You can watch the classes on your computer screen or on you cell phone, while nursing or making your baby sleep, for example. With only 20 minutes daily, you already learn what you need to put into practice.

3. My babies are twins. Can I make the two sleep with this method?

For sure, you can make all your children sleep from 8 to 12 hours straight per night.

4. My baby is premature. Does it work the same way?

It works and it is still important for you to help him/her have good sleep. Sleeping well is a great activating agent and immune strengthener.

What do you prefer?

Saving cents per day


Having all of your nights of perfect sleep from now on, in your bed and without crying close by?

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