Method from an expert who makes celebrity babies sleep for more than 10 hours is finally revealed on the Internet!


They have the appearance of being entirely happy, without shadows under the eyes and no sign of fatigue. Their secret has just been revealed.

What they have done and what you also need to do is quite simple. They use a 100% safe method, capable of making their babies sleep from 8 to 10 straight hours at night.

“I was tired; I wasn’t able to have a good night’s sleep. I tried everything, but my baby didn’t sleep. Today, we are happy and I am already thinking about getting pregnant again.”
Laura Martins metodo que faz bebês de famosas dormir por mais de 10 horas é finalmente revelado na internet 60px
Laura Martins
Mother of a two-month old

If you are in the same situation as Laura was one day…

Keep calm!

It’s not your fault. Even experienced mothers and grandmothers are unable to make babies stop crying and sleep peacefully.

When Laura discovered the solution to this problem, she transformed hard nights into hours of sleep and rest.

You can also start to wake up with better disposition and, during the day, have the energy to live the unique moments calmly of the first months of your baby’s life.

In fact, the methodology of the three sleep mechanisms is based on years of studies and research in America. It has transformed the lives of more than 20 thousand mothers.

See now what they have generously decided to share to help mothers like you to find this place of relief and happiness with well-slept nights:

Karina Bacchi

mother to Enrico

Thyane Dantas

mother to Dom

Bella Falconi

mother to Stella

If you also are a mother who:

Know that this is the solution to avoid even bigger problems.

Popular methods of how to let your baby cry can cause future psychological harm generated by the sense of abandonment.

But now...

You can count on the help of an infant sleep expert to protect you and your family from the distress caused by poorly slept nights.

karla e famili ametodo que faz bebês de famosas dormir por mais de 10 horas é finalmente revelado na internet

Karla Mendonça

Infant sleep expert

Infant sleep specialist, Karla Mendonça is the one to help you as of right now.

Besides having already helped more than 20 thousand mothers to relax at night with peaceful sleep, Karla is a sleep specialist, nutritionist, a postgraduate Neuroscientist, postgraduate in Psychopedagogy and Master of Education from Florida University in the United States.

With thousands of happy mothers and babies, Karla relates that everything began in the first weeks of life of her first son, Edu, when she perceived enormous difficulty in getting a good night’s sleep.

From then onward, she has not measured efforts in researching the solution that would transform her life and her family’s.

Today, she is mother to Edu and Guto, and, together with her husband, Vitor, shares moments of happiness on the social networks with thousands of mothers daily of how to live maternity fully.

Nathália, mother to Luís Henrique

Nathália mãe do Luís Henrique bebe dorminhoco

Ana Rinco, mother to Sebastián

Ana Rinco mãe do Sebastian bebe dorminhoco

Gabryella, mother to Nolan

Gabryella mãe do Nolan bebe dorminhoco

See the message that Karla has written for you:

“Dear Mother, the time has come for me to extend to you the same care that I have been dedicating to thousands of women who I have helped through the Internet.

If you are also tired of doing everything for your baby to sleep without success, if you are impatient and sometimes irritated as mine were when they first got to know me, don’t worry. This problem is just about over.

I know exactly what your baby is going through, because I had nights of crying and sadness when my first baby cried and didn’t sleep well.

It was as if the nights were a marathon. Edu had just finished nursing and I thought he would sleep, but, to the contrary, he cried just getting close to his crib.

If I let him sleep with me, it was even worse, because I couldn’t even move in bed and he would wake up wanting to begin nursing again.

It was thinking about the harm that all of my errors could cause to the future emotions of my little baby that I set out to study, since I could find no references of studies that I could agree with in Brazil.

I have traveled, studied and researched tirelessly over the last years and I have become an international reference in infant sleep.

The method I developed based on the three sleep activating mechanisms is safe and effective, because I put my experience as a mother and as a professional into it.

For this reason, I can assure you that, like the happy babies that you are used to seeing on the Internet, your baby also deserves this loving care of a tranquil sleep, to wake up smiling and with a mother ready to enjoy happy moments with him/her.

The problem with popular methods, like letting the baby cry, for example, is that they are not capable of calming the baby down, uniting the three mechanisms. For this reason, they don’t work safely.

However, now, besides teaching you how to do this, I will reply to all your doubts with unique support, making you more confident in the care for your baby, day and night.

I will explain to you, step-by-step, how the method works and will make your baby sleep calmly through my online course.”

logo método online bebe dorminhoco

The Sleepy Baby course is delivered to you in video classes, recorded and available in our Members Area, which you can access as soon as you request your exclusive password to the course.

In these classes, my research work as a sleep consultant expert in infant sleep is consolidated. It includes my learning from IMPI (California), in addition to what I consider as more valuable – my own experience!

As a mother of two and a specialist, I have already assisted more than 20 thousand families, including celebrities, my dear friends:

juliana didone aluna bebe dorminhoco

Juliana Didone


aluna Karina Bacchi bebe dorminhoco

Karina Bacchi

Like so many other moms who aren’t from the celebrity world, I can guarantee that you will have the sleep-filled nights you deserve with your baby.