Duration of the course: The course is divided into small modules with a total duration of 3 hours

Course availability: The course can be attended as many times as you wish for a period of 6 months.

Individual follow-up: The course gives you unlimited access to our sleep specialist. This means that for 6 months you will have a sleep specialist at your disposal to take all your questions, remove your doubts, and give you daily guidance. That’s right, all your questions will be taken daily. And as your baby’s sleep changes, you can continue to come back here and rely on our help. All this unlimited for 6 months.

How soon will my baby sleep through the night? It depends on many things. Some babies already start sleeping better in a few days, in other cases there are many things to be changed and so it takes weeks or months.

Do I need to let my baby cry? No, you don’t. We work with the gentlest methods out there.

Why an online course? In fact, this course was designed to be taught personally. However, Bebê Dorminhoco can’t be in every city to meet the parents who request us. Therefore, we recorded the same course that is taught personally in the online format. Now, you pregnant moms and dads can receive quality information anywhere in Brazil or the world, without leaving the comfort of your home.

Celebrities: Several celebrities and bloggers have done our courses and publicized it on their social network profiles. Celebrities such as actresses Karina Bacchi and Juliana Didone, bloggers Bella Falconi and Shantal, Olympic volleyball player Sheilla Castro, and Wesley Safadão’s wife, Thyane. Follow us on Instagram @bebedorminhoco and see dozens of testimonials, and many maternity tips.

Refund: We have confidence in our product and therefore you have 30 days to request a refund through our support email: [email protected]. So if my baby does not sleep in 30 days can I request a refund? No, that’s not it. As we said earlier, sometimes it will take longer than this for your baby to sleep. But we guarantee the quality of our product, and that you will receive quality information. So buy now and see for yourself! If you are not happy with the quality, we will refund you 100% of your investment.


Currently, much is said about healthy eating, which is totally necessary. But what about sleep? To little is said of its importance. Sleeping is a vital and extremely important necessity for the development of babies and children who have a great need for sleep, but they don’t know how.

We help create good habits from birth, giving support and guidance towards a healthier sleep.

Our goal is to guide and empower parents, so that you can promote a healthy sleeping environment for the baby and, consequently for the family. Lack of chronic sleep can trigger seizures of anxiety, attention deficit, irritability and many other factors. Not to mention the sleepless nights with angry parents and babies. The best way to give your baby the gift of nighttime sleep is starting it right, and keeping it that way!

You and your baby deserve to sleep better

Is this the best way for all babies to sleep? Absolutely not. Just as each woman chooses to have a particular method of birth, and each family chooses a different method of parenting, the way of sleeping is unique to each child. Our goal here is to inform and empower parents so that you can make informed choices about your child’s sleep.

But remember: Before you make a decision about your child’s sleep, do some research. Does the course entitle me to customized service? No.

How will I attend the course? Immediately after the purchase you will receive an email to access the course. Whenever you go to watch, you should access via this email. NOTE: If you don’t receive immediate access , send an email to [email protected]. If you make the payment by electronic transfer, you will need to wait 1 to 3 business days for the payment to be cleared by the bank, and after this deadline you will receive the access email.

Remember: It is only here that you can receive this market leading course, as indicated by the best pediatricians and several celebrities. And further to that, you will receive unlimited follow-up guidance from our sleep specialist for 6 months. Don’t delay, sign up now!

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