Online course of Newborn nutrition and routine for 0 to 5 months old babies

Course duration: The course is divided into small modules with a total duration of 1 hour and 20 minutes. The online course has the same content as the face-to-face course.

Course availability: The course can be attended as many times as you wish for a period of 4 months.

About the course: In the same way that adults need to ingest all the calories we need during the day to sleep through the night without eating, our babies do as well. They need to get all the calories they require during the day to get to sleep for longer at night.

That is why we have covered in this course how to fill the tummy of the baby that is breastfed. Not all crying is related to hunger, and you also cannot breastfeed with scheduled times and leave the baby hungry. Here you will learn how to fill the baby’s belly while respecting your baby’s needs. It is a course to help the mother guide the baby’s daily routine, in order to improve both naps and nighttime sleep. Sleep and quality feeding are directly related. Can I use the free demand method or the scheduled feeding method? Yes, you can use whatever kind of feeding method you want, we talk about it in this course, but our focus is not on any of these types, our focus is always on meeting the needs of our babies, filling their belly for them to develop and sleep well, that is, our focus is on meeting the baby’s needs and not following philosophies.

Karla Mendonça

Currently, much is said about healthy eating, which is totally necessary. But what about sleep? To little is said of its importance. Sleeping is a vital and extremely important necessity for the development of babies and children who have a great need for sleep, but they don’t know how.

We help create good habits from birth, giving support and guidance towards a healthier sleep.

Our goal is to guide and empower parents, so that you can promote a healthy sleeping environment for the baby and, consequently for the family. Lack of chronic sleep can trigger seizures of anxiety, attention deficit, irritability and many other factors. Not to mention the sleepless nights with angry parents and babies. The best way to give your baby the gift of nighttime sleep is starting it right, and keeping it that way!

You and your baby deserve to sleep better

Other subjects addressed in this course: Pacifier, routine and baby crying.

And this is the best way for all babies to be breastfed?

We cannot decide what is best for your family. But if you want to breastfeed, and you want your baby to gain weight and have quality sleep without feeling hungry, I highly recommend our course.

Does the course entitle me to customized service? No

How will I receive the course? Immediately after the purchase you will receive an email to access the course. Whenever you go to watch, you should access via this email. NOTE: If you don’t receive access immediately, send an email to [email protected]

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