The baby of 8 months

O bebê de 8 meses

If you were trying before, now your baby is crawling, which means that your home can be a minefield for someone who wants to discover things, but who does not yet have full control over body movements.

At 8 months, he is no longer that flimsy and flimsy little baby, who demanded a way to pick him up, but in compensation his weight increased to around 10 kg and with the introduction of food, the tendency is to raise more.

What pays off is that he doesn’t want to be on his lap so much, preferring the floor to play, which is actually the safest place, wanting to reach the toys and, the cutest and funniest part of this month, he will chase you all over places.


Baby care

Your baby is not only growing, he is smarter. Attention needs to be increased tenfold. Keep toilets tightly closed, buckets of water, cleaning products and medicines out of sight and out of reach, locked drawers, protected sockets, curled wires, window locks and bars, protection on stairs and pools, glass objects or breakable on top of cabinets.

The baby should be free to explore, but be careful in certain places like the kitchen, where there are knives and hot pots; bathroom, with shampoos, creams and other products and the paper basket, with many bacteria; laundry room, full of scratches.

While attention is needed, excess attention can be detrimental to your child’s development. For this reason, it is good to observe and allow him to discover certain things and discover himself.

Falling is very much a part of learning and will likely happen many times. Try to stay calm and answer without stress if he cries, talking quietly and giving him security to try again.


Crisis of 8 months

Called Separation Anguish, it is one of the most severe in the baby’s life, having a duration of 3 to 4 weeks, and can extend up to the 9th month. As he perceives more of what happens, it becomes more difficult when the mother walks away.

The concern that you will not return is so intense that he becomes desperate, which causes irritability, anxiety, changes in appetite, sleep and mood.

The best ways to deal with this crisis are:

– Patience and tranquility, which in fact is a gift that the mother will either have from the first days, or will need to learn to have. It is part of the process. Furthermore, it is very important that you do not show stress when you need to leave it.

– Pay more attention, preferably the mother should attend, because his fear is that the mother will not return. Fill your baby with cuddles and say he’ll be back.




The baby usually sleeps 10 to 12 hours a night, in addition to daytime naps. Usually, he already has this period defined and can sleep well alone.

The change in sleep can happen as a result of the separation anguish, mentioned above. Some babies even wake up several times at night, crying desperate and frightened.

To go through this phase more calmly, keep maintaining the bedtime routine and reassuring the baby that you will be back soon. Gradually, even if he wakes up at night, he will be able to go back to sleep without his presence.


From time to time, let the baby feel the texture of the food with his hands. Put on a simpler outfit, the kind he wears the most to stay at home, leave the bib and cloth ready and free up the mess.

The game may be more interesting to him if you include baby-specific cutlery next time.

Your baby imitates what you do, so whenever you are at home, sit with him at the table and show that you eat and it is very tasty. Take the opportunity to stimulate language by speaking the name of the food and making sounds like “hum”.

It is good to knead the food separately, in this way, the baby will see the difference in colors between them and feel the varied flavors, which helps to work the vision and the taste.

Be an example also with natural and healthy foods. As delicious as they may be, do not offer, nor allow him to consume sweets, even those made at home, fried food, processed products. Do not be intimidated to deny if someone wants to give any of these foods.

Most of these foods contain dyes and chemical additives that can cause a strong allergy. It also looks at whether there is a reaction to certain foods. Talk to your pediatrician.


Every baby is unique

As much as you think your friend’s baby is beautiful, standing alone or trying the first steps, eating everything or on your own, be patient if yours still doesn’t.

Each baby is unique and develops in its own time. Premature babies may take longer. Also, do not want to speed up this learning process with walkers or forcing the baby. Respect his li


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