The 5-month-old baby

O bebê de 5 meses

Your baby is getting sweeter and smarter. At 5 months, interaction with him becomes more fun. Psychomotor development is apparent, he plays with his own body and can sit for a longer time when stimulated.

The variety of sounds produced is greater, the baba baba, baba baba already babbles and likes to repeat a certain action many times. They are very fond of making “bruuu” with their mouths.

Emotions are more obvious. He laughs and screams when he is happy, he is irritated, when he is uncomfortable, and he cries harder when he wants something. He also recognizes some people and strangers others, becoming uncomfortable.

For some, it is the period of the birth of the teeth. If this is the case for your baby, he will bring his hands to his mouth and objects to his mouth more often to scratch his gums. Teethers that are placed in the refrigerator provide an interesting relief.


Stimuli and care

With the advancement of development, the stimuli and care are greater. As he takes everything he finds in his mouth, remove all small and sharp objects from reach that he may swallow or injure himself.

Holding hands, encourage them to sit and leave surrounded by pillows. One tip is to use the breastfeeding pillow or make one that creates a safe back support and protects it from falling forward.

The safest thing is that you are close by and never leave him alone on beds, sofas or high places. The floor is the best place. Place a soft mat to protect it from contact with the cold and spread out some toys.

To stimulate motor coordination, simpler toys are indicated, such as cubes. Another interesting toy is the one that develops the relationship between action and reaction, that when you press a button, something happens.

Colors and noises attract attention. Varied shapes and textures. Encourage the baby to pick up nearby toys.

Put music on for your baby to hear. An average of 4 hours of music per day is recommended. Screens, such as smartphones, tablets or TVs, even though they result in a longer attention span and that many mothers turn to in order to do something, are not recommended.



Vocalization is progressing. Even without clear meanings, he will babble and try to produce some sounds.

Make no mistake, babies understand everything you say and will want to imitate, so talk to him a lot, even if it is that “tatibitate” language, he will love it.

A fun and charming stimulus for him is you singing. There is a vast repertoire of children’s songs, with phrases and repetitions that promote learning. Sing a lot without fear of being and make your baby happy.

And who doesn’t love to hear a baby laugh, right?



At 5 months, some pediatricians may allow food initiation, but this will vary widely. Don’t rush, the baby’s stomach is not yet ripe enough for new flavors. For now, breast milk or baby bottles prepared with formulas are the complete source of nutrition he needs.

Since he is interested in everything he sees and puts everything in his mouth, he may want to take what you or someone close to you is eating. Pay attention and ask not to offer any food before the right time.

Nothing in the baby’s development and feeding needs to be accelerated. He will have a lot of time in his life to try the most varied flavors.



The 5-month-old baby’s sleep should already be well regulated.

Before bed, that relaxing bath, a massage, if it is not too cold, quiet music, history, put in the cradle, face up, lights out and good night.

One question is whether it is necessary to continue laying on his stomach in the cradle, even if he turns around. The answer is yes. This remains the safest position, although little by little the baby finds the most comfortable position for him.


More fun baths

If before he could grumble and cry frightened by the bath, now he has fun in the bathtub, slapping his hands and feet in the water and interacting with the toys.

Even if he has a firmer head and body, never leave him unattended. Try to leave everything you need for the bath by hand, such as shampoos, soaps, towels, in short.

Be careful to properly sanitize toys, especially those with holes through which water enters and accumulates, which can produce mold.


This month has vaccine

Just to remember, it’s your turn to take your baby to the pediatrician, laboratory, clinic or health clinic for the 2nd dose of meningococcal C.


Karla Mendonça

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