The 12-month-old baby

O bebê de 12 meses

Time passed so quickly. That little soft and unprotected being, who depended on you for everything now is not so dependent anymore, now he is 1 year old and a new phase begins.

The first steps have already happened or are in the final stretch of happening. It is a natural process, which does not need to be forced with walkers or excessive stimuli.

As he moves more, it is normal for him to gain less weight. In return, growth tends to be greater.


Stimuli and Games

Your baby is much smarter and has the autonomy to do many things without totally needing you. To stimulate the sensory and visual senses a walk in the park is a good suggestion.

Among trees, colors, shapes and varied textures, the baby will explore the differences between each object and this time, it will do it on its own. Even so, stay tuned, as the act of putting everything in your mouth still continues.

The good old hide-and-seek game will take another shape. The roles can be changed and it is the baby’s turn to hide. The game is even more fun because of the unusual and funny places he chooses.

A game to play when grandma visits is baby’s roulette. It works by placing the baby between 3 or more people and each one calls the baby, who will choose one and walk to her. This activity is a great way to encourage walking.

Unable to buy fancy and expensive toys full of details? Take plastic pots with lids and give them to the baby. He will be entertained while trying to fit the pairs.

Playing with the ball also remains fun. This time, expand the game further and try to encourage the baby to catch the ball farther or from someone else’s hand.



Almost everything is released. The baby can eat together with the family, pieces of food, including meats. He can already be driven to eat alone and even to hold the cutlery even if a little awkwardly. Anything can, but pay attention to sweets, processed, industrialized foods, very spicy. The baby’s stomach is not strong enough to consume food like this.


Bedtime faces the struggle of not wanting to stop playing. With so many discoveries, it is normal for him to be agitated and fight a little with sleep.

A quiet conversation and maintaining that bedtime ritual can help to calm you down.

If the baby is still experiencing separation anxiety, a transition object can help.


Karla Mendonça

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