The 11-month-old baby

O bebê de 11 meses

Within a short space of time to complete 1 year, your baby already has style, personality and a relative autonomy. If you could leave it in the crib before the next feeding, maybe now it is better not to turn your back for too long.

He will discover how to climb the most unusual places, explore the limits and the ability to do certain things on his own. Some babies are walking, others rehearsing the first steps, whatever your baby is, keep stimulating without forcing.

You will be surprised at your baby’s advances much less than you expect.


Speaking a lot

The baby’s vocabulary increased further. They begin expressions in language that only he and you understand. A “gas” turns into water, a “bu” makes the favorite stuffed animal appear.

Stimulation and play to encourage speech should be continued. Speak the full name of the object so that the baby recognizes the sound and learns gradually. As an example, when he says “gas”, ask the question “do you want water?”

Sing songs with easy expressions for him to repeat. And be prepared to repeat the same many times. Clap your hands, have fun with it while singing.

Show objects and say the names of each one. Read books with colorful pictures, point or encourage them to do so. With each new drawing, seek his attention for what it is. But do not want to prolong these activities for more than 10 minutes, his attention will disperse after that time.


Understanding simple orders

He knows the meaning of “no”, even if he resists obeying any tantrums. Stay firm, without having to be harsh and make him understand that he cannot do a certain action.

The order can be followed by a brief explanation, so that the baby understands that what he would or was doing is bad. He must already understand words like “it hurts”, “poop” or say directly “it hurts”, “this is dirty”, “it hurts”, anyway.

He needs to understand how far he can go and that you are there to protect him. More severe punishment or scolding is not necessary. The tone of his voice a little more firmly, will make him realize that he should not continue.

And if he insists, simply because he wants to keep discovering, don’t lose concentration and keep order.


Peaceful sleep

At 11 months, sleep is already well regulated and the baby sleeps all night, without interruption. Even so, it is important to keep the bedtime routine, leaving you much more relaxed after a day full of activities, games and discoveries.

Talk calmly with him about what you will do and after all the ritual, place him in the crib so that he can sleep alone.


Stimulating to walk

Reinforcing, each baby is unique. Some take their first steps at 9 months, others at 11, and others will only take a risk shortly after 1 year of age. So don’t despair if the neighbor’s son is already walking and yours hasn’t taken courage yet.

However, without straining, you can practice certain activities that will strengthen coordination, musculature and increase the bond between you.

The best known is the one that the baby holds in your hands and you walk together, always respecting his limits, of course. A fun joke for him.

One tip is to wait a while to put on shoes, because it feels safer. If there is even a need, opt for non-slip socks or more comfortable shoes.

Another stimulus and sit on the floor, very close to him, open your arms and call by name. If he feels safe, he will risk one or two steps.

Take it easy and if it falls, don’t be alarmed and start over.


Karla Mendonça

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