The baby of 1 year and 11 months

O bebê de 1 ano e 11 meses

In the final stretch to stop being a baby and be considered a child, your still (and forever) baby expresses itself with relative ease. It unites words and forms sentences.

You can understand a “qé aga” or “queio coio” or identify unique expressions. Gradually, the so-called “baby” is becoming a decipherable language, which represents an incredible achievement for him.

Firmness in the legs and hands promotes new activities, but also causes some incidents such as falls, broken things and scratched walls and furniture. The urge to find out remains intense, you really need to be careful.

At this point, your house should be fully adapted to it, with locks on the doors, a small gate to access stairs and more dangerous places, such as the bathroom and the kitchen. Have you changed the long tablecloth for a smaller one? This is the moment.

He wants to interact more with other children and likes to imitate older ones. If he has a brother or sister, he is likely to want to do the same things. If he is not yet going to school, see if there are other children in the same building or neighborhood for him to live with.


Stimuli and Games

The same forbidden places, however, can be released when you are doing something there. In the kitchen, plastic pots become entertainment while the food is cooked or the dishes are washed, but pay attention to the pot handles and the knife drawer.

He is already interested in assembling puzzles with few pieces. Take advantage of this interaction to point pictures and ask for names, it is a way to increase vocabulary or encourage speech for those who have not yet started.

Keep talking to him about all the day’s activities. Small commands are understood, such as “you can take the shoe” or “let’s keep this toy in the box”. Always speak normally, without using childish words, “papato”, “pepeta”, “fingeira”.

Drawing remains very attractive. To try to avoid scratched walls and furniture, always leave a sheet of paper next to it. As a sheet is not always enough, a suggestion is to attach a roll of paper to the wall and let it create.

Another option to entertain and keep it away from the walls is to provide a large cardboard box and place it inside with some crayons, which are safer. He will spend a few moments entertained, at least until the space on the walls of the box has space.

Outdoor walks become a little more challenging for you, as you will need to follow him everywhere, especially when he tries to venture out on the slide alone. Even so, let him explore the capabilities, making sure of security.



The rules for food remain the same as in other months. Cutlery is used with a little more skill, you may already be able to prick something with your fork. For babies already going to school, this action is encouraged.

The school menus are usually created by nutritionists, being very varied and focusing on healthy items. Some babies and children eat even better at school than at home. Others have the same barrier as at home.

Talk to the teacher about how his food is going. At home, maintain a healthy eating pattern. If you work out and don’t have time to prepare more elaborate dishes, look for more practical recipes or how to store.


For a help to make your baby eat better, learn more about the Baby Bom de Garfo course, administered by nutritionist Milene Henriques.



Some changes must occur from 1 year and 11 months. One is the transition from the crib to a bed. For those who chose the shared room, they may face more difficulty in this transition.

Some cradles are made to turn into beds, just remove the bars or change the way of assembling. There is also the Montessorian method, in which the bed is placed at floor level to encourage autonomy.

Whichever way you choose, it is important that your baby is also comfortable. In the beginning, during the phase of adapting to change, he may have some resistance.

For babies already sleeping in their own room, this can be more peaceful. A suggestion is to put sheets more animated, with the character he likes and add with the toy or blanket that he has adopted as favorite.


Continuing to defrost

The thawing process continues, it should last for another year or a little longer, including the night thawing, which usually takes longer. If your baby faces resistance, take it easy and keep learning.

Try to understand when he needs in the diaper and talk about him trying to do it on the potty, just like you and the other people in the house. Schools help in this process.


The 2 year party

Have you started planning the 2 year old party? Some mothers do this up to a year in advance. It may be valid if you are thinking of a bigger party with more space. Buffets usually ask for time to schedule.

The truth is, however exciting it is to have a party with many colors and decorations, the important thing is for the baby to feel comfortable and excited. Choose the theme with the favorite character and involve the baby in the preparations.

If the budget is tight, the party can be done at home, with less information and only among the closest family.


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