My baby wakes up too early

bebe acorda cedo

Yes, folks, babies really do wake up early.

And since they need to sleep many hours a night, the ideal situation is to go to bed early.

You say, “Ahh, but I’d really like him to sleep late and wake up late!”

Yes, moms and dads, I understand you, by the way I would like that as well, especially on the weekends right? Haha.

However, they’re not like that. We always need to put them to sleep respecting our babys’ sleep signals. Having a sleep routine with a night ritual and regular bedtime as we counsel in our online course greatly favors the sleep of our little ones.

Remember, putting the baby to sleep later doesn’t make him wake up later. Night sleep for babies usually starts around 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Respect your baby’s sleep signals, this helps a lot to have quality sleep.