Melatonin, the super hormone!


The “Isto é” magazine published a report that states:

“Recent studies prove that melatonin does much more than help you sleep. Among other benefits, it aids in weight loss, fights diabetes, controls migraines and protects against the Alzheimer’s disease.”

With our little babies, melatonin is essential to organizing their biological clock. You know when the little one switches the night for day? Yes, regulating this hormone production makes all the difference. How can we do that? With natural light. That is, every time your little baby wakes up, open the curtain well. When it gets dark, close the curtain well. Do this from birth, and by two months of age, the production of melatonin will already be well organized. If you want to learn a lot more about a baby’s sleep and how to help him sleep all night long, take our online sleep course.

See the full report of “Isto é”, here: