Lighting for the baby to sleep: bright or dim

Iluminacao para bebe dormir claro ou escuro

This is one of the doubts that many parents have. What is the ideal lighting of the baby’s room be for him to sleep all night? It is true that the darker it is, the better it is for the baby to sleep?

The explanation for that statement is through our body’s mechanisms, and it works the same way for the babies. i.e., melatonin production, the hormone responsible for the induction and maintenance of sleep. It happens only when it is dark.

Another fact is that melatonin affects our circadian rhythm, adjusting the sleeping hours, as a regulator of our biological clock. When the baby gets used sleeping when the room gets dark, the easier the process for him to sleeping alone in the crib is, inside his own bedroom, without waking up and without having to breastfeed and without crying.


Differentiating day from night

It is already known that daytime knaps are very important for the baby. That deconstructs the popular belief that you have to force the baby to stay awake all day long so that he can sleep well at night.

The truth is that this process may apparently work with some babies, although they will be much more irritated and subject to difficulties to keep this pattern every night, since they slept by fatigue and not because they learned how to do it.

Another mistake is to think that, during naps, you have to leave the room well-lighted so that the baby learns how to differentiate day from night much sooner than you might think.

The light in the room may also be dimmed during the day.


When a light might be needed

If the room is just for the baby, the need for a light is only if you have to see the baby, in case he cries during the night or if you have to check something related to his health such as fever, cough and reflux or some other need.

Provide a light that doesn’t make room too bright.


The room’s ambience influences the baby’s sleep

In the same way adults need a pleasant environment to sleep well, babies will sleep well if all of the room is in accordance with the sleep routine.

The baby will understand that this is the right time to sleep when he gets used to the room’s lighting and the change in the way everyone is acting around him. Try to talk lower, make less noise; it makes a big difference.


How to create a perfect environment

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