Is it harmful for the baby to sleep on a full stomach?


There is a lot of guesswork about a baby’s sleep. One of them is that the baby who does not sleep with a full stomach will wake up more times during the night. For this reason, many desperate mothers, even being capable of feeding their child exclusively and being congratulated by the pediatrician for the weight gain of the baby, call on a bottle full of formula and supplements before nighttime sleep.

For some babies, this technique might achieve some effect, since a full stomach gives the false impression that the body needs to rest to facilitate digestion.

Well, did you know that this might be harmful in many aspects for babies?

Why is it harmful to sleep with a full stomach?

In general, sleeping with a full stomach isn’t recommended for anyone. During sleep, cerebral activity becomes slower, consequently all systems, including the digestive, work slower.

The baby’s digestive system is still under development, that is, it has to learn how to digest what it eats. For this reason, sleeping on a full stomach may cause reflux, apnea, more cramps and troubled sleep.

In addition, there is the risk of the baby regurgitating the excess milk and inhaling it, causing choking and even sudden death.

Preparing that extra-strength bottle with the intention of getting a perfect night’s sleep may actually be harming the baby’s health, as well as increasing the chances of obesity.

Likewise, to breastfeed in a bigger quantity than usual until the baby sleeps may result in the same complications.

Babies that breastfeed sleep less

This is an erroneous statement. Maternal milk does not sustain less, it is only more easily digested. After all, a mother produces milk proper for her baby. What is the best milk for a puppy? The her mother’s milk.

The baby will only sleep less if, in the middle of the night, he doesn’t know how to go back to sleep when he wakes up. Thus, people wrongly think that he needs more milk to do so. For lack of knowledge, the tendency is breastfeed again or give formula with the hope that he go back to sleep as soon as possible and for the longest time possible.

How do you make the baby sleep all night without waking up to nurse?

Our babies are very smart and have all the potential to learn and become “Dorminhoco” (sleepy) babies, who sleep all night long for a period of up to 12 hours straight, without feeding and gaining adequate weight.

To do so, it is important that the whole family learn to change habits and engage the baby in this apprenticeship.

One of these changes is regarding the time to feed a baby, both those who feed exclusively on milk, as well as those who eat solid food, by respecting a routine, which should be performed from his waking up in the morning until sleeping at night.


How does we learn to make the baby sleep?

You must understand, it is not only the routine that will make your baby a Dorminhoco (sleepy) baby. The online baby sleep course of Bebê Dorminhoco brings all of the step-by-step procedures to solve this. The course has already helped more than five thousand mothers from all over Brazil to make their babies sleep all night. Pediatricians approve all of this, without making the baby cry and without harming his health and development. On the contrary, babies who sleep well are better developed.


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