How to make your baby sleep by himself in the crib

Como fazer o bebe dormir sozinho no berco

A crib has thorns. For many babies this might even seem to be true. After all the work it takes to make him sleep, just when you parents put him in the crib, the crying starts and you are back at square one.

The desperate measures you may have taken just to achieve a single night of sleep are myriad: ironing the crib to warm it up, breastfeeding again, giving an extra bottle of formula, placing the baby in a stroller and walking around the house, lulling him again in your arms and (something that is commonly done), letting the baby sleep in his parents’ room and even in their bed together.

There are also babies who simply only sleep when they are being lulled in arms or nursing and any movement other than those places is a trigger to waking up.

For those who don’t know what to do anymore to make the baby sleep by himself in the crib or even in his bedroom, before searching for tricks that may harm your baby, read on and learn a few tips on how your nights of sleep will be more tranquil in less time than you expect.


Babies need to learn how to sleep in the crib

Every baby has the potential of to be a Sleepy Baby from the beginning. However, he needs to learn how to breastfeed and many other things in the same way.  You need to show how it is done. Sleeping also works this way.

Very patiently, in the first days of the baby’s life, he needs to get used to sleeping by himself, in the crib. It might be hard in the beginning, mainly because he spent nine months cozy and warm inside the uterus. So, it is normal for him to find it strange.

Remember, he is just as or even more inexperienced than you about this sleeping alone business, and he will depend on you to teach him the right time and that the crib is the ideal place.

A tip is to use the cigar technique. While still at the maternity ward, nurses can teach you how to swaddle the baby. YouTube has many videos showing how to do it systematically. In the first month, the baby feels more protected this way, which will make it easier for him to be in the crib.


Creating a sleep ritual

Creating a routine at bedtime can be a simpler process than you might think. The earlier it is implemented, the better. Keep it always in mind that the baby will learn as soon as you teach him.

Stipulate a time for the baby’s nighttime sleep. A suggestion is to do it as soon as night falls, between 5:30 and 6:00 pm.

Give him a relaxing, lukewarm bath. Temperature should be tested before putting him in, the ideal temperature should be in around 37ºC (98.6 ºF). There are specific thermometers for that, and you may test it in the back of your hand.

To make the experience even better, leave everything you will need close by: soap, towel, diaper and fresh clothing. It is important that the environment is also warm.


During the bath, talk to him and gently massage the baby; this helps to calm him down.

Breastfeed your baby or give him the last bottle, make him burp and try to talk as little as possible so as not to disturb him

While still awake, but almost asleep, calmly place him in the crib. In order to help, play soft music or a quiet song and dim the lights as much as possible.

If you want to leave a light on in the room, choose one that emits only a little or almost no light; this way your baby will produce melatonin, the sleep hormone produced during darkness.


What if the baby cries?

If, after all of the ritual, the baby wakes up crying, which could happen, go into his room but don’t take him out of the crib. Gently talk to him and hug him to calm him down. He will gradually go back to sleep.


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