Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t remember the site to access Bebê Dorminhoco !

To access Bebê Dorminhoco, just click here.

What is the structure of Bebê Dorminhoco sleep course?

The course is presented in 16 video lessons. In addition to these classes, our students have a workbook for questions. The course gives you unlimited access to our sleep specialist. This means that for 6 months you will have a sleep specialist at your disposal to take all your questions, remove your doubts, and give you daily guidance. That’s right, all your questions will be taken daily. And as your baby’s sleep changes, you can continue to come back here and rely on our help. All this unlimited for 6 months.

I can’t find the Workbook!

If you don’t know how to access the book, we offer a brief tutorial on how to proceed!

I can’t find the Baby Sleep Course Video Lessons!

If you don’t know how to access the video lessons, we offer a brief tutorial on how to proceed!

You will find the video lessons in the left zone of the members’ area. In the area below the video lessons, you can ask questions with some mothers who have experienced the same problems that you are experiencing. If your internet is not very good or the video is crashing too much, you can reduce the quality of the lesson playback.

I can’t find the replay of the Online Meeting!

If you don’t know how to access the reruns, we offer a brief tutorial on how to proceed!

You will find the reruns in the left side of ​​the member area. In the description of the reprise you can find the questions answered at the meeting. And if your Internet is not very good or the video is crashing too much, you can reduce the playback quality of the Meeting.

I can’t find the White Noise audios!

On the left side of the Bebê Dorminhocos members zone you will find the tab for playing and downloading white noise audios, as shown in the tutorial below.

I want the discount for the Nutrition and Baby Routine Course!

Directly from the members’ area, you can make the purchase of the feed bonus and routine! Just follow the procedure shown below:

How do I access the course

ATTENTION: We always send some emails to you, I ask you to check the spam box, junk mail and promotion tab, some emails can go there. If this happens, please tick as trusted to receive our emails correctly.

If you’ve already received our emails, all right, now our communication channel has been opened.

To expedite your access to the course, do the following and save the course page to your favorites.

If you have already created your password go to step 3.

if you did not create it, do the step by step below (if it does not work, it means that your email was typed wrong during registration . Send a message to [email protected])

1. ACCESS THE LINK BELOW and fill in with your registration email

2. ACCESS YOUR E-MAIL and look for the email that will be sent by the Hotmart Club platform. You will be redirected to the page to create your password.


Instructions for resetting your password…”

3. CLICK THE LINK BELOW, enter your email and password (the one you defined in the previous step).

Okay, now it’s all corrected!

Any error in the registration, problems in access, general difficulties, please don’t hesitate to send me an email, my team is ready to assist you as soon as possible.


The Hotmart system provides an unconditional 30-day warranty period for our products. So don’t worry, if you make a purchase and feel dissatisfied with it, you can request cancellation and refund if it is within the stipulated warranty period for the product in question. To expedite the refund, you can send an email to [email protected] with the following subject “Bebê Dorminhoco Refund” and our support team will contact you within 1 business day to begin the process of refund.

If you want to make a refund directly with Hotmart, you can also follow the next step by step.

To start this process, you must:

1- ACCESS THE REQUEST FOR REFUND PAGE and enter the transaction number and the email registered in the purchase:

If you don’t know the transaction number of your purchase, it can be found in the email you received after confirming payment. The title of the email is “Approved purchase: Access your product”.

Click here to access the page!


2- Next, you must select a reason for the refund. If you wish, you can still leave a note about the request.

3- Done! Your refund request has been confirmed.

Once the request is made, a message is sent directly to us, we have a deadline of 10 days to make the release of the refund or contact you. If we don’t do it by the end of that term, don’t worry! The Hotmart system will automatically forward your request to the team responsible for the refund.

For purchases by Credit Card, the purchase value will be refunded on the next invoice of your card or on the invoice of the subsequent month, which may take from 30 to 60 days. This time frame depends on the date of closing of your invoice. Any amount charged in this time interval will be reversed.

This period of 30 to 60 days exists due to the various agents involved in the transaction.

The refund will appear on your invoice as a negative release listed as PAYPAL, HOTMART, or the product name.

Generally, credit card companies return the amounts in one of three ways:

The credit card operator returns the amounts already paid in the form of credit on your invoice and won’t charge the other installments;

The operator returns the TOTAL amount of the purchase in the form of credit on your invoice and maintains the collection of other installments (so that the value of the return and the charge are cancelled);

The card operator advances all charges on your invoice and returns the total amount of the purchase

In any of these ways, you will not be charged for the product because the value returned cancels the amount charged!

If you have any questions, we suggest you contact the chosen Payment Method Relationship Center or open a Hotmart Support request with the REQUEST REFUND field, and our team will be on hand to assist you .

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