Does making my baby tired make him sleep all night?

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Before explaining whether it is right or wrong to make the baby tired so that he can sleep all night, I want to mention a few important points.


Parents often have certain expectations about nights of sleep, but you need to understand a baby’s healthy sleep cycles, and, even if he sleeps very well at night, he will wake up a few times. Babies take two to five years to establish an adult-like sleep pattern. In the first months of life, babies are in intense developmental processes and need to feed more, to wake up sometimes needing affection and feeling secure.


Another important point is to know that a crying baby is not a villain. Babies cry to eat, play, bathe, and also when they are tired, so they also will cry at bedtime. The ideal situation is to be calm with crying and also pass this tranquility on to the baby.


By the way, it is unhealthy to make comparisons between your baby’s nights sleep and the sleep of other mothers’ babies. Each baby reacts differently and has his own time and pace to adapt to a routine.


Knowing these points, it is easier to understand your child’s crying and sleeping moments. The ideal situation is always to give tranquility and security to your baby, and, in this case, making the baby tired in order for him to sleep all night, is not healthy. It will make your baby angrier and more tired and will cause him to cry.


How to make the baby sleep all night long

OK! We already know that leaving the baby tired to sleep all night does not work. It is just a tactic that will make him less secure and more irritated, with difficulties to fall asleep.


Babies need a peaceful environment that brings a feeling of warmth and security. Creating this environment every day at the same time will help your baby to have longer and deeper nights of sleep. You need to remember that, according to the baby’s age, it is natural and healthy for him to wake up in the middle of the night to breastfeed.


Another very important point is to know your baby; just as adults are different from each other, so are babies.


Find out if your baby likes lullabies, feels safer with a dim light on, if a bath before bed always relaxes him. Find out if your baby likes any specific smell that can bring tranquility and remind him that it’s time to to sleep.


Each baby adapts to a sensation and reacts differently than the other. Creating a sleep routine is important. This routine involves preparation before bedtime. Turning down lights, making the ambience quieter, massaging the baby and putting on lullaby music are among many other options that can be adopted for a longer, more peaceful night’s sleep.


Making the baby tired so he can sleep will just make him angry, and it will take longer for him to fall asleep. Remember, the baby needs security and warmth. Once he gets used to the routine, he will sleep alone and calmly.



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