How to make the baby sleep in your arms

Como fazer o bebê dormir no colo

Seeing your baby sleeping peacefully, cuddled in your arms after a long day is comforting. For the baby, the feeling is even better, being protected, warm and sheltered in your arms, preferably listening to the mother’s heart. This is very good, and he will never want to leave.

Commonly, this is the only way that many mothers manage to get their babies to sleep, that is, by cradling in their arms, after bathing and at night feeding or bottle feeding. There are situations in which the mother manages to place the baby in the crib and the baby continues to sleep. In others, it seems thatthere are thorns on the mattress, and the baby wakes up scared or crying and the mother cradles him again right there.

Making the baby sleep on your arms, or the father’s, or even the grandmother’s, brings many benefits to the baby, who feels the love, the contact the affection transmitted to him during this action. Holding your baby really does him good in many ways, emotionally, cognitively and socially, and it can be given freely.

The question is to what extent and until to what weight and age, will you be able to rock your baby on your arms at bedtime and how much you need to wait for him to be sleepy enough to not wake up when being placed in the crib or after a while, so you can do other things.

When making the baby sleep in your arms can be bad

Of course, it is not wrong for the baby to sleep in your arms and then be placed in the crib. The problem is when it becomes a habit, and the baby often needs assistance during the night to get back to sleep.

This happens, because as the baby has become accustomed to the warmth of the womb, moving to a larger space and a little bit cold like the crib is a big challenge. Also, imagine you fall asleep in one place and, in the middle of the night, wake up in another – strange. As the baby uses crying to express himtself and feels more secure in your arms , one thing leads to another.

Another disadvantage is that it takes you a long time to get baby to sleep and to have to start the process all over again, resulting in getting up several times in the middle of the night and breaking the sleep sequence, important for both you and the baby. The equation is always the same: sleepless nights equal to an irritated baby and parents less available for daily chores.

At the same time, the baby develops a certain dependence on being held and does not learn how to go back to sleep alone, which can hinder his development. How does one adjust the circadian cycle, regulating sleep.


How the holding fits into the sleep routine

However, do not see the holding baby as a villain of the sleep routine. It can, and should be included among the actions used during the creation of a sleep routine and, in certain circumstances, will be essential for the baby.

One suggestion for the holding as be part of your baby’s sleep ritual is to let him stay in your arms until you realize he is sleepy. With him like this, gently lay him in the crib and stay by his side until he sleeps more soundly.

The routine sequence can, for example, be this:

– relaxing bath

– massage

– comfortable clothes

– breastfeed or give a bottle. This varies for each baby. Don’t forget to burp your baby afterwards.

At that time, if he is already asleep, lay him in the crib and watch. If you are still awake, you can let him stay a little longer on your arms while you calm him down, telling a story or singing. Your baby will sleep much more peacefully.


Can I hold him if the baby wakes up at night?

It is tempting to pick up the baby when you see him cry in the middle of the night. There are two main reasons for this to happen. The first, of course, is that you don’t like to see your baby cry. Secondly, you are tired and sleepy and want to settle this right away to go back to sleep.

Your action at this time is essential in the baby’s learning. It is normal for the baby to cry, but if he understands that, whenever you do this, you or someone else will pick him up, it is clear what will happen again.

However, there is no need to leave him screaming in the crib. Approach him, show that you are close, talk, soothe him, sing that calming song, but try to do it without pickin him up. The intention is for him to realize that he can go back to sleep, without a problem.

If you notice that he is not going to calm down or that something is wrong, pick him up and stay in the room until he is calmer. Then, lay him down again. Do this every time and in less time than you expect, he will be sleeping more hours at night.


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