Fases do Bebe

O bebê de 8 meses

The baby of 8 months

If you were trying before, now your baby is crawling, which means that your home can be a minefield for someone who wants to discover things, but who does not yet have full control over body movements. At 8 months, he is no longer that...

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O bebê de 7 meses 1

The 7-month-old baby

Your baby’s 7 months is the beginning of the feeling of independence. He already sits alone, manages to crawl to pick up objects, some begin to crawl and the most precocious, even get up with support. He recognizes people, but his favorite is still mom...

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O bebê de 6 meses

The 6-month-old baby

At 6 months, your baby will make several discoveries and go through some changes, which you will have to adapt together. You, Mom, and the whole family need to be patient to help the baby understand what happens. The baby’s vision starts to get as...

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O bebê de 5 meses

The 5-month-old baby

Your baby is getting sweeter and smarter. At 5 months, interaction with him becomes more fun. Psychomotor development is apparent, he plays with his own body and can sit for a longer time when stimulated. The variety of sounds produced is greater, the baba baba,...

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O bebê de 4 meses

The baby of 4 months

Many changes happen in the baby’s 4 months. He’s much firmer, pays more attention to things, vocalizes new sounds and recognizes when they call him by name. The interactions and stimuli are very responsive and he already explores the possibilities of all the senses, with...

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O bebê de 3 meses

The 3-month-old baby

Your baby is developing more and more. He already coordinates the movement of his hands and legs better, shakes, moves a lot and interacts well with all the sounds around him, searching with his eyes and head and paying more attention to the noises. When...

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O bebê de 2 meses

The 2 month baby

Also to encourage the baby’s sense of vision and perception is through walks, which are already allowed from 30 to 40 days of life. Try to take the baby where he can observe the landscape and, at a certain moment, pick him up and talk...

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A sétima semana do bebê

Baby’s seventh week

The reflexes common to babies in the first weeks give way to voluntary movements. If before the grip reflex caused the baby to shake hands and seem to hold tight, now they can grab objects for a short time, but they still have no control...

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A sexta semana do bebê

Baby’s sixth week

You will fall even more in love with your baby, who now smiles when you show up, screams and raises his legs. He watches more closely what happens around him and knows how to identify the closest people, such as parents, grandparents and whoever else...

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A quinta semana do bebê

Baby’s fifth week

Congratulations! Your baby is 5 weeks old, which means that he has completed 1 month of life and is no longer a newborn. Despite some mishaps along the way, you are doing very well and understanding each other. The baby produces sounds and interacts more...

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