Fases do Bebe

O bebê de 1 ano e 6 meses

The baby of 1 year and 6 months

You must be impressed and in love with everything your baby has learned and does in these 18 months of life. It is amazing to see how that little soft guy at the beginning of the journey already manages to do some things alone and...

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O bebê de 1 ano e 5 meses

The baby of 1 year and 5 months

Your baby’s first words were “mama”, “papa”, “dada”, “gugu”. From that stage, this vocabulary will increase a lot. He will start making himself understood, even if it is in his language, that only Mom understands, but the easier words will come out. When he learns...

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O bebê de 1 ano e 4 meses

The baby of 1 year and 4 months

Your baby already recognizes himself as an individual and realizes that the body can carry out new activities, which makes him become more stubborn and decided on what he wants, even if it is wrong. Many mothers comment on the terrible phase of 16 months,...

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O bebê de 1 ano e 3 meses 2

The baby of 1 year and 3 months

As your baby dominates the ability to move wherever he wants and to express his wishes, personality and become more and more apparent. New words and new actions emerge, and everyone around them finds it beautiful. It’s really cute to see the baby clapping and...

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O bebê de 1 ano e 2 meses

The baby of 1 year and 2 months

Independence is the word to define your baby’s development in the coming months. He is more active and, in a way, chooses where to go and what to do, whether walking, or even crawling and challenges possibilities. The “no” is part of the vocabulary, both...

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O bebê de 1 ano e 1 mês

The baby of 1 year and 1 month

Physical and motor independence becomes more striking. Being restricted to your steps is something that your baby no longer wants so much now. Especially after discovering that you can explore the world around you in a certain way. He realizes that he has the ability...

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O bebê de 12 meses

The 12-month-old baby

Time passed so quickly. That little soft and unprotected being, who depended on you for everything now is not so dependent anymore, now he is 1 year old and a new phase begins. The first steps have already happened or are in the final stretch...

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O bebê de 11 meses

The 11-month-old baby

Within a short space of time to complete 1 year, your baby already has style, personality and a relative autonomy. If you could leave it in the crib before the next feeding, maybe now it is better not to turn your back for too long....

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O bebê de 10 meses

The 10 month baby

After 10 months, the baby is more autonomous, more agile, the reasoning ability is clear and the motor development is almost completely developed. It crawls much more easily and rests on furniture, walls, your legs and the part that leaves you with your hair on...

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O bebê de 9 meses

The 9-month-old baby

Your baby is much more active and interested in challenging the possibilities. Some are already rehearsing their first steps, others start to stand on the furniture, but as each baby is unique, yours is doing very well and you need to respect the limits. As...

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