Fases da Gravidez


34 weeks pregnant

Her gestation is in the last laps of a circuit that seemed to be infinite. The feeling is that time takes longer to pass and the last week of the expected delivery date is more distant. It is more difficult to do this with the...

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35 weeks pregnant

Last week of the 8th month of pregnancy. The last exams and details must be done until the baby arrives. Which, by the way, can happen at any time, so resolve all pending things now. Some women are already away from work. Others want to...

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36 weeks pregnant

Welcome to the last month of your pregnancy. That phase when you hear a lot of “is this baby not going to be born?”, “10 month pregnancy”. In fact, this is also the feeling you get. In a tighter world, the baby moves little, but...

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37 weeks pregnant

From that week on, if your baby is born, it is considered at term or within expected. However, there is a margin of error in counting the expected delivery date (PPD), which reduces gestational age by two weeks. Therefore, scheduling the delivery for this week...

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38 weeks pregnant

38 weeks! Your baby can be born from that week without any problem. The lungs and brain, which were developing a few weeks ago, are already working very well. Since there is a margin of error about the expected date of delivery, it may take...

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39 weeks pregnant

Your baby is ready to be born. All perfect organs and functions. The strength of the lungs will be tested when he is born and gives that first cry. This final stretch is just for him to accumulate fat and gain more layers of skin....

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