Bebê dormindo com o olho aberto

Baby sleeping with its eyes open

Some mothers notice that their babies sleep with their eyes open, as if they were awake. In fact, some think that the baby is awake or starting to wake up and end up calling his attention, resulting in waking him up for sure, which causes...

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Bebe chora mesmo a noite inteira

Do babies really cry all night?

One of the biggest fears of future dads and moms and one of the biggest difficulties of those who have a baby at home are the nights, since there is the myth that babies cry all night long. But is that true? It is a...

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normal bebê dormir muito

Is it normal for a baby to sleep a lot?

First-time mothers have many doubts about their babies, especially when they are newborns. At all times, fears, discoveries and lessons become apparent as time goes by. One of the doubts is related to the baby’s sleep. Many are very concerned about the amount of hours...

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O que é ruído branco

What is white noise?

White noise is a sequence of random signals with equal intensity in different frequencies, used in many applications, such as in the production of electronic music, to set up an equalization in a concert and to test speakers. This signal can also be obtained by...

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Músicas ajudam o bebê a dormir

Music helps baby to sleep

It is true that music causes the release of dopamine in the brain, a hormone related to the sensation of pleasure, which can cause several reactions in our body depending on the music that we listen to. Good music has the power to convey our...

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bebe acorda cedo

My baby wakes up too early

Yes, folks, babies really do wake up early. And since they need to sleep many hours a night, the ideal situation is to go to bed early. You say, “Ahh, but I’d really like him to sleep late and wake up late!” Yes, moms and...

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Melatonin, the super hormone!

The “Isto é” magazine published a report that states: “Recent studies prove that melatonin does much more than help you sleep. Among other benefits, it aids in weight loss, fights diabetes, controls migraines and protects against the Alzheimer’s disease.” With our little babies, melatonin is...

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