Can your baby sleep in the stroller?

Bebe pode dormir no carrinho

The kart is a special item among the baby’s accessories, and you have to evaluate several things before you buy one. It is very practical for rides and when you take the baby somewhere and need free hands.

In fact, walking with the baby in the stroller outdoors will help the mother practice physical exercise, which is very good for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time.

Another use, practiced by many mothers, fathers, aunts and grandmothers, is to put the baby to sleep in the stroller. How many times have we seen them rocking back and forth trying to make the baby sleep, many times to initiate the sleep process.

There are people that use the co-sleeping technique, when parents want their babies to sleep in their room and the crib doesn’t fit, so they choose this accessory for the baby to sleep beside their bed.

In a forum of site Baby Center Brasil, many mothers stated having bought a stroller with the intention of leaving in it their room for the babies to sleep during the first months.

Well, is the stroller adequate for the baby to sleep all night? What are harm can it cause the baby, physically or psychologically?


The dangers and discomforts of leaving the baby sleeping in a stroller

If it is for the daytime naps, which in general are short, it is valid to let the baby sleep in it if you take all the precautionary measures necessary, like fastening the seat belt so that the baby won’t fall and only in the first months of life, when he doesn’t move a lot and always under supervision.

In another Baby Center forum, a mother told that her baby slipped and fell from the stroller during the night, even though he was right next to the parent’s bed. This shows that it is risky to do it.

Also, avoid leaving it in very hot or very cold places and do not use pillows.

Another precaution is regarding the stroller’s inclination. The baby should have its body stretched out, avoiding the head to fall forward over its neck.

The saying nothing is better than our bed is valid, and the same way goes for the babies. Even if they sleep in other places, which is good, they will certainly be much more comfortable and will feel safer when they are in their own crib. It also goes without saying that no one wants to sleep tied down all night by a belt, right?

Following this line of thinking, the structure of strollers were not made the same as crib mattresses. They have joints and folds, which makes them prejudicial for the baby’s back and may do harm.


Using the stroller to make the baby sleep

This technique might be interesting when the baby is not at home, and it’s time for his nap or in order to calm him down during the day. However, at night, the best is to perform the sleep routine without involving a stroller, rather, the crib itself.

To accustom the baby to only sleeping when wrapped inside the stroller may impair the nighttime sleep maintenance and prevent the baby from understanding that he has the capacity of sleeping alone and well. Besides, the act of transferring the baby from the stroller to the crib may interrupt the sleep process, leaving the baby irritated.


Learn how to create a sleep routine

The same routine everyday will help your baby understand that it is time to go to bed. At nightfall, give him a bath, placing the baby in the crib and turning off the lights. These are signs that will help him be more relaxed and ready for nighttime sleep.

And remember: a well-organized routine during the day makes all the difference at night for your baby.

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