Can my baby sleep in a bassinet or car seat?

Bebe pode dormir no bebe conforto

The situation has been well known for a long time. At sleep time, taking the baby for a car ride, in a car seat, has been the technique used by many parents who get quick results due to of the movement of the vehicle and noise of the engine.

When the ride is over, you have to move the baby to the crib, and many times, he wakes up and takes a while to sleep again. With the intention of avoiding that from happening, parents choose to leave the baby sleeping all night in the car seat.

Some parents who joined the practice of shared bed or bedroom with the false option of a more comfortable place for the baby to sleep, believing it is more practical and safer, also use the accessory.

The car seat or bassinet has become an indispensable item in the baby ensemble. To begin with, it is obligated by law, according to Brazilian traffic law, which determines that babies and children be transported in special seats inside cars. Also, it is practical way to  take the baby almost anywhere.

There is no doubt it is a very practical accessory, keeping the neck and body more stabilized, being safer and comfortable for travel. However, there are certain restrictions and safety measures about a car seat that need to be observed to avoid sudden death and other problems.


Risks of sleeping in a car seat

The American Pediatric Association has cautioned that the baby should not stay for more than two hours sleeping in a car seat, counting the time he spends in a car or even in a stroller. We recommend to take the baby out several times during a long trip.

In Scotland, a mother tells that her three month old daughter stayed for 15 minutes longer than recommended and had a severe oxygen deprivation and had to be reanimated in a hospital.

Among the problems caused by the prolonged used of the car seats are the spinal stress, overloading  and forcing the spinal-cord, head trauma and the most lethal risk, which happens when the baby bends its neck forward, jeopardizing breathing: postural choking.

Postural choking

Virginia University stated that, out of the 12 thousand cases of baby deaths during sleep, 219 of them occurred by choking in chairs, exactly by postural choking.

Because the babies’ necks do not yet strength and support, and they are too small to change positions by themselves and to correct their posture, this bent part provokes compression of the internal organs and in the chest and a narrowing of the airways resulting in a drop of 3% of oxygen saturation.

Head Trauma

When the car seat is used outside the car, it is important to be very careful of the surface the accessory is placed on, even when over the stroller. Never leave it without supervision over beds, sofas or tables, etc.

The baby may topple or role, the car seat may fall over from wherever it was placed or, if the seat belt wasn’t fastened well enough, it may result in a serious fall, causing head trauma or other harm to the baby.


Safety rules in the car

Whenever carrying your baby in the car, the use of the car seat is mandatory for babies up to one year of age. In order for the ride to be safer and as comfortable as possible, some safety measures should be observed:

– It should have a fixed base for better stability;

– The seat belt should be three-point, with padded protection and be placed above the baby’s shoulder ;

– Head supports to improve support and protection;

– The car seat should be placed facing backwards to the front seat; that is because, in case of sudden stops, the chances of accidents with the baby are reduced.

– The weight of the baby should not exceed the maximum weight stipulated by the manufacturer. In general when the baby is over 13 kg (28.7 lbs.), transportation should be made in a reversible seat, meeting the specifications set forth by the law.

-Do not leave the baby alone in the back seat. The best thing is for someone to be with the baby in case his head gets crooked, the baby vomits or other things that need someone’s intervention with a greater mobility occur.

-Never leave the baby for more than two hours in a car seat. In case of newborn, this time should be even shorter.

– During long trips, it is appropriate to take the baby out of the car seat in frequent intervals. Always, when possible, let the baby stretch.


How to put the baby to sleep after he is out of the car seat

The first step is not to use the car as a tactic for the baby to sleep at night. It may seem very useful and something that has a real effect on many babies and children, but when they leave the car and are placed in the crib, they eventually wake up. that the reason is exactly because they don’t know how to put themselves to sleep, and they take longer to sleep again.

Babies need to understand that the crib is the correct place to sleep. They will only do it if they are taught through a specific routine, which should be followed every time at a determined hour.

If the ride takes longer than the sleep time, try to perform as many things that the baby is used to as possible. Change his clothing, put some music or noise that soothes him – a tip is to record a car sound that your baby likes;  sing, tell a story, turn off the lights, in short, everything that will make the baby go back to sleep quietly in the crib.

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