Tranquilizers for the baby to sleep?

Calmantes para o bebê dormir

Restless babies who sleep no more than two hours at a time during the night. Desperate mothers who need a rest. This reality happens in most of the homes that have younger babies.

Therefore, these moms search for all possible quick fix solutions to make their little ones calm down and allow a larger peace and quiet for the whole family. One of the suggestions given by those who think they understand babies are the use of tranquilizers.

In the pharmaceutical market there are some so-called natural or herbal remedies aimed at helping the baby sleep more peacefully. All with inviting names like sonin, calmin, they are not authorized by the Health Authority in Brazil, but are sold in the markey illegally.

Sonin is an antihistamine that can have several side effects, one of them being drowsiness. It is forbidden to administer to children under one  year and counter indicated for serious diseases such as bronchitis and conjunctivitis.

What can happen if you use medication to make your baby sleep better is chemical dependency, which can bring future problems, i.e., the baby may not be able to sleep anymore if he is not under the influence of these medicines. Additionally, there are side effects such as dizziness, dry mouth and restlessness.

What about melatonin, the famous sleep hormone? Melatonin has been wrongly prescribed by pediatricians. Did you know that melatonin is produced naturally by our body? Yes. With about 2 months of life, babies already have their own production of melatonin stabilized, that is, they do not need to take more melatonin because their body already produces this hormone.

Desperate moms, we understand you.

But before resorting to synthetic solutions to make your baby sleep better, and, consequently, yourself, you need to understand that what your little one needs is: to learn how to sleep. This is a process that requires patience and perseverence. It has nothing to do with medication. It has to do with behavior.


How to really calm the baby

Knowing that babies learn everything that adults are willing to teach, the fact is that, just as you are gradually learning to be a mother, he also needs to be encouraged little by little to understand certain behavioral attitudes.

Of course, not everything will be perfect in the beginning, but it is important to take the initial steps. The first one is the time of how things happen, followed by the difference between daytime and nighttime activities.

Maintain naps during the day leaving the environment clear and creating a relaxing routine with a dark room at night.


Maintain his naps

No tranquilizer will solve anything if your baby is not sleeping the necessary hours of sleep for each age. Newborns, for example, need to sleep 16 to 20 hours a day, between naps during the day and sleep at night.

Forget comments that teach you not to let your baby sleep. Preventing him from sleeping during the day can make him angry and hinder him when night comes.


Create a relaxing routine

With a lot of patience and love, prepare a routine for him to calm down naturally, without needing any medicine, even if there are those who claim that it is herbal and harmless.

Prepare a warm and perhaps longer bath, play quiet games, sing, put on calm music and choose more comfortable clothes (clothes that bother him can wake him up).


Seek professional help

Tips can help you, but what will resolve your problem is professional help. Fortunately for you, this incredible profession now exists.

Thinking about moms and dads, we put our course in an online format. In this manner, you can watch it from the comfort of your home and learn how to help your baby sleep well and the best: having a positive association with sleep. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing your baby smiling at bedtime and waking up after sleeping the whole night. They wake up refreshed and happy, and moms, too.

Don’t surrender to tranquilizers. Take our online sleep course (0-5 months or (6-23 months) and see your baby more rested and much happier in the morning.

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