But what, after all, what does a mother-child sleep consultant do?


The role of the maternal infant sleep counselor is to empower parents by providing knowledge so that they make well-informed decisions.

A mother-to-child sleep counselor works with families to develop healthy sleep habits that are appropriate for the child’s age and development.

What kind of problems do the sleep consultants solve?

Most focus on improving bedtime, resolving nighttime awakenings and naps.

When should I consider hiring a professional?

If the child is having sleep problems, parents should first consult the doctor to eliminate possible health problems. If the problem is health (snoring, breathing problems, or reflux). the child first needs to undergo treatment with the doctor. If sleep problems are not health related, parents can use the help of a sleep consultant who will work with parents on the behavioral aspects of sleep. That is, it will help the family to change habits.

So moms, our job is to help you make the best choices. No, I don’t make any decisions for you. I introduce you to the alternatives and you choose what is best for your family!


Karla Mendonça

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