Games for children from 5 to 6 years old

Brincadeiras para crianças dos 5 aos 6 anos

Playing with children between five and six years old is more dynamic. At this age, the child has more coordinated movements, neuro-psycho-motor development is complete. The child understands what is said, talks and asks about everything.

It is important to have activities that stimulate creativity and imagination, that lead the child to explore motor and intellectual abilities, without the use of electronic devices, but, above all, that strengthen the bond between all family members.

You can plan everything outdoors, with plenty of space, and indoors, during rainy days or when it is not possible to go outside to play. Whatever the need, there is always a way to entertain and have fun with the child.

Keep reading and see some suggestions for games you can play with your child who is 5 to 6 years old.


Also known as Soccer with Straws. The game stimulates concentration, sense of space, sense of direction and is very fun. You can do it on a small table, using a cardboard box and even improvising a space on the floor.

The goal is to blow a ping pong ball or cotton ball through a drawn field and score a goal over the opponent’s goal line. Divide into two teams according to the number of people in the family.


Worm race

No, you don’t have to dig worms from the garden. These are made out of paper and very easy and cheap to make. You will need a long piece of paper folded like an accordion. Decorate as you like, but it needs to be light.

With the help of a straw, or just with your mouth, blow the worm until you reach a finish line. The race can be held in any space, preferably choosing a not too long course.



An old game, but one that can still entertain children, especially since this is the literacy phase. The child learns to recognize the words learned at school and to connect the syllables.

Try to use small words, common to the child’s daily life, with a maximum of three syllables, even the name of the people who live with him. Ball, Glass, Cake, Shard, Dice, Doll, are some examples.

Let the child try alone to create a gallows if he wants to. It is a way to reinforce learning. If he is unsure how to do it, do it once with him, and then encourage him to try again.


Animal mimicry

Children love to imitate animals. So, why not play with guessing which animal he is imitating through mimicry? Put several pieces of paper with animal names written down or download a drawing app on your phone and let the child’s creativity flow.

Join the game imitating an animal for him/her to guess. Start by allowing him/her to make sounds, then change the rules and ask him/her to try without making any noise.


Junior Detective

Another game you probably played as a child. Also known as a detective or junior detective and murderer. To start, you need at least 4 people.

He writes the letter D on paper, for the detective, the letter M, for the murderer and the rest, the letter V, for the victim. The number of victims is the total number of participants, minus the detective and murderer.

Draw the papers among the participants. Each one must look at the paper they have drawn without letting others see it. The goal is for the murderer to “kill” all the victims by blinking just one eye, without being caught by the detective. This, in turn, must find the murderer before he can “kill” everyone.

The game ends when the last victim is found or when the detective finds out who the murderer is, who must say “I arrest you in the name of the law”.


Cat Meowing

A nocturnal version of the blind goat game. A game that trains attention, perception and even helps the child get rid of the fear of the dark, often common at this age.

It consists of the participants hiding in a room with the lights off. Preferably, turn off the other lights in the house to make the game more fun.

Choose or draw a participant to find the others. As soon as he finds someone, the “hunter” should say “Cat’s Meow”. In turn, the participant found must imitate a cat and the “hunter” must guess who it is. If you get it right, whoever was caught becomes the next hunter.



Creativity and imagination flow in this game. Inside the dark room, with the help of a flashlight, lamp or something that projects the light on the wall or on a sheet, preferably white or colored light. With your hands, create shadow figures on the wall. There are some suggestions on the internet, but the most fun part is trying to guess what the other person is doing.


Mother, May I?

The participant chosen to be the “Mother” is on one side and the other on the other, more distant. To improve, the “Mother” may be on her back or blindfolded, or the form of command can be designed.

When it starts, the first participant asks, “Mother, May I?” In turn, the “Mother” answers “Yes you may.” Then the participant in the “How many steps?” Queue. The “Mother” must say or draw and say the number of steps and how they should be made.

As an example: in a kangaroo step, or an elephant step, or in three ant steps and so on. Whoever gets to “Mother” first, wins.



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