Baby games from 10 to 11 months old

Brincadeiras para bebês dos 10 aos 11 meses

Your baby is probably crawling all over the house, or has preferred to skip this phase and try to get up on the furniture. Some already rehearse their first steps, and there are the quick ones that have already done so and begin to perfect coming and going.

Games become more active, with more movement. He loves it when the interaction with you happens, and, if Daddy joins in the fun, it gets even better. For him, it could happen together all the time.

In fact, this partnership tends to have great results. The baby learns more by playing. You have a good time together, discovering how a toy works or him learning a new activity and will make you become even closer.

It is likely that the times you say, “No” have increased. He wants to explore the house more and will deal with everything that is allowed, and even what is not. It is kind of funny that little person understands “No” and, at the same time, wants to continue doing it.

Have you reinforced the houseproofing? A small gate or other piece of furniture to protect access to the stairs, locking the doors to places that present the greatest risk, such as the bathroom, laundry and kitchen, protecting the outlets and corners of the furniture? It is also good to remove furniture that may fall when it tries to pull himself up on them.

The main thing is that he has the relative freedom to move, so free up a space in the room, place all the objects that break safely away and allow him to have fun.

Do you want suggestions for games you can play with your baby from 10 to 11 months? So, read on.


Playing with water

On warmer days, fill the bathtub or a wading pool with water, put in several toys and let the baby have fun. It is important to pay attention to two things, the first is the water temperature, which should not be too cold. The other is to never leave your baby unattended. A large number of cases of infant death are due to drowning, and many happen inside the house, with the baby drowning inside a bucket or basin.


Wrapping the toy

Choose a toy that your baby likes and wrap it in foil. Loud toys are more fun. Give it to the baby and ask him to find the toy.

The baby will explore all possibilities before opening. You may need to open a part for him to see a little what’s inside and want to continue. Remembering that adult supervision is necessary to prevent the baby from putting the paper in his mouth and choking.


Soap bubbles

This game pleases babies of all ages, becoming more interesting as baby grows and develops. Now, between 10 and 11 months, he will try to reach the bubbles to catch them. He will notice that they burst, even if he does not understand what happens.

You can say, “It popped!” and make a gesture, like raising your hands or moving your head. The baby will imitate what you did when the next ones pop. It’s a way for him not to be so frustrated when that happens.


Pointing body parts

Point out some parts of your body, such as mouth, nose, eyes, belly and point the same part at the baby. Speak the name of each one. Repeat the activity a few times. Then ask the baby “Where is the baby’s mouth?” or “Where’s the belly?”, the foot, the hand, and so on.

You can use music to encourage that learning and make it even more fun. There is a well-known song, with several versions on the internet, which is “Head, shoulders, knees and feet”. Show each body part whenever it is sung. The baby should try to touch each one.


Dancing with the baby

Before he was in your arms, now he is going to rehearse a few steps on his own, in his own way, of course. It doesn’t really matter how he dances, but it fun to move while the music plays.

Choose a repertoire that he likes, or even one that you like, as long as it is recommended for babies. Remember that his vocabulary is beginning to be formed and, even though he only starts to speak a few words after one and a half years, it is good to be careful with what he hears at home.

Even if you prefer to stay on the floor, he will like you to pick him up to dance with him. Play with the moment. Pretend you dance a waltz. Just be careful not to fall.


Fitting and stacking

In toy stores there are options with colored blocks, with varied designs that serve to fit and stack. You can also adapt the game with objects you have at home, such as plastic pots, cans, among others, use your imagination.

At first, he will make a small tower or take a little longer to fit the pieces in. Show how it should be and then watch the attempts. Play with him trying to build a very high pile and then tumble it as the fun part of the game. That way, he will be less frustrated if it happens on another occasion.



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