9 weeks pregnant

According to the date of your last period, you are probably 9 weeks pregnant. Like some women, if this is a novelty in your life, congratulations and welcome to an incredible world! Even though doctors prefer to count the time of pregnancy for weeks, due...

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10 weeks pregnant

Your pregnancy is entering the final stretch of the 1st trimester, or as many prefer to count, it is in the middle of the 3rd month. Indeed, the timing of pregnancy can be a bit confusing, but your baby’s formation is evolving more and more....

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11 weeks pregnant

The 11th week of gestation, or if you prefer 3 months, is the period when the doctor will request the first morphological ultrasound and when you will be able to see your baby in more detail, even though he is still very small, and hear...

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12 weeks pregnant

The last week of the first trimester of pregnancy, for many women, is marked by the end of the horrible nausea and also by the increased concern about spontaneous abortion, which decreases to 1%. If you haven’t already told your family and friends that you...

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13 weeks pregnant

Your pregnancy is now entering the first week of the second trimester. For those who claim to be the best phase, this is because the excessive tiredness and nausea at the beginning stop and the belly does not yet weigh. The first exams have already...

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14 weeks pregnant

From the storm to the calm. This is more or less how many moms feel when they are in the second trimester of pregnancy. You are feeling more willing, the baby is formed and must have told family and friends. If you chose to wait...

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15 weeks pregnant

The expectation of knowing the sex of the baby is greater from the 15th week, but depending on the position of the baby this will only be possible between the 17th and 20th weeks, even extending to the next. Her pregnancy is in the second...

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16 weeks pregnant

The interaction between mom and baby starts to happen from the 16th week. Among the developments in the baby’s development, there is the sensitivity to touch, so he will feel your affection in the belly. Everything happens in an accelerated way. You, Dad and even...

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17 weeks pregnant

You and your baby went through many changes until you reached the 17th week of pregnancy. Inside the womb, the order now is to grow, with some things to improve. Outside, you need to take care of your health so that everything stays well. Mom...

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18 weeks pregnant

You are almost halfway through your pregnancy. Two more weeks and you can tell everyone that you are in the 5th month, even if doctors prefer not to calculate it that way. With each visit, you feel more like a mother, seeing how your belly...

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