Posso deixar bebê dormir com febre

Can I let baby sleep with a fever?

A feverish baby is always especially worrisome and brings many doubts. What temperature is considered a fever? When and how to medicate? Take the baby or not to the doctor? Let baby sleep or not? Because of this, mothers spend their day uncomfortable and, at...

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Posso dar chás para o bebê dormir

Can I give the baby some tea to sleep?

As soon as a mother comments on a social network that she can’t get her child to sleep, a flood of comments begin to appear with so-called natural  palliatives to solve the problem. Among the most cited media are the many types of teas, especially...

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mother putting baby to sleep NK2P927 scaled

Can I wake my baby up in the morning?

Baby’s sleep is one of the biggest questions of first-time moms. Many questions are asked about how to stimulate the baby’s sleep or whether they should wake the baby in the morning, or let him sleep until he wakes up alone. Baby sleep experts say...

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millennial mixed race mother sitting on her bed co 2AFCSYQ scaled

Why does my baby wake up crying?

It is not easy to have interrupted sleep, especially when exhaustion knocks on the door. And that feeling we all know by heart. Has getting out of bed at night to go to the baby who wakes up crying become routine? You urgently need to...

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Por que o bebê chora dormindo

Why does the baby cry in his sleep?

You’ve probably seen the scene of a baby sleeping, seemingly quiet, when he suddenly whimpers and grunts for a small space of time and then goes back to sleep. Many risk saying that he is having a nightmare. Others, that something or a pain is...

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mother breastfeeding her baby TD4MG65 scaled

Why does my baby grunt when he breastfeeds?

Most babies mumble while breastfeeding, and many mothers, especially first-time mothers, don’t know if it’s normal or why babies grunt when they’re breastfeeding. What you should know first is that the babies need to grunt and cry. This is the way they communicate with their...

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