Como fazer o bebê dormir no colo

How to make the baby sleep in your arms

Seeing your baby sleeping peacefully, cuddled in your arms after a long day is comforting. For the baby, the feeling is even better, being protected, warm and sheltered in your arms, preferably listening to the mother’s heart. This is very good, and he will never...

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Como fazer o bebê dormir a noite toda 1

How to make the baby sleep all night long

Do you think that being a mother is synonymous with sleepless nights? As soon as a woman becomes pregnant, what many advise is to take the opportunity to sleep as much as possible, since, with the arrival of the baby, this part of living will...

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Com qual idade meu bebê pode dormir no quarto sozinho

At what age can my baby sleep in the room alone?

After nine months of preparation and waiting, it is completely normal to be apprehensive about which place is best to leave your small, helpless little baby after leaving the maternity ward. Where and how is it safer to let him sleep, together with you in...

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Bebes tem pesadelo

Do babies have nightmares?

Studies have revealed that there is a period of sleep known as the dream or REM state (Rapid Eye Movement), or active sleep, which happens for adults and for babies and children. According to studies published by the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics, still during intrauterine...

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Por que meu bebê não dorme 420x390

Can baby use a pillow?

The concern with the comfort and safety of babies generates many doubts. When planning the layette, an item that raises a lot of questions is the pillow. In general, the crib kits bring those matching pillowcases and specialized stores offer several models, such as the...

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Bebê pode dormir no ar condicionado

Can baby sleep in air conditioning?

In some regions of the world, having an air conditioner at home is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Often, the heat is so great that it is difficult to sleep without the help of this appliance to refresh the environment. When you have...

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Bebê dormindo com a boca aberta

My baby sleeps with his mouth open

A baby sleeping peacefully is one of the most beautiful scenes to see. Who of us has never been enchanted to see that little being relaxed with his mouth open, sleeping like an angel. As cute as it may seem, if the baby always sleeps...

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Calmantes para o bebê dormir

Tranquilizers for the baby to sleep?

Restless babies who sleep no more than two hours at a time during the night. Desperate mothers who need a rest. This reality happens in most of the homes that have younger babies. Therefore, these moms search for all possible quick fix solutions to make...

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Routine, when to introduce it

First, let’s talk about what a routine is. A routine is the orientation of the baby’s day. It is in same way that our day has a sequence of activities, which respects our needs: sleep, hunger, physical activity, leisure, work… The baby’s routine is the...

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