28 weeks pregnant

From the 28th week, there are more apparent changes in your body than in the baby. With all organs and limbs formed, he now maintains his growth rate, at around 100 grams per week. While fixing the trousseau, you will be dating every little outfit...

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29 weeks pregnant

It is impossible to hide that you are pregnant. The belly of 29 weeks or almost 8 months is very large and even with very loose clothes, she reports her condition until the next 10 weeks, maybe less. If your baby is born before the...

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30 weeks pregnant

That bread in which all the ingredients were added and is in a bowl, covered with a cloth, for the yeast to take effect and it will grow. This is how you can compare your baby at 30 weeks. Your pregnancy is closer to the...

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31 weeks pregnant

The last trimester of pregnancy is more related to the baby’s weight gain and, consequently, yours. He gains more adipose tissue and keeps his face more rounded each week. You are feeling tired because of all the weight, both body and mental. But if you’ve...

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33 weeks pregnant

The last few weeks can be decisive about the type of delivery. The baby begins to take the position it will have until the time of birth. You can turn and fit your head on your pubis, which favors normal delivery or sit, tending to...

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32 weeks pregnant

32 weeks! Now your baby is just over 50 days away. Have you stopped to think about everything that has happened so far? How your baby developed and all the emotions you had. See your baby’s progress, the fingers forming, the little face, feel the...

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34 weeks pregnant

Her gestation is in the last laps of a circuit that seemed to be infinite. The feeling is that time takes longer to pass and the last week of the expected delivery date is more distant. It is more difficult to do this with the...

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35 weeks pregnant

Last week of the 8th month of pregnancy. The last exams and details must be done until the baby arrives. Which, by the way, can happen at any time, so resolve all pending things now. Some women are already away from work. Others want to...

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36 weeks pregnant

Welcome to the last month of your pregnancy. That phase when you hear a lot of “is this baby not going to be born?”, “10 month pregnancy”. In fact, this is also the feeling you get. In a tighter world, the baby moves little, but...

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37 weeks pregnant

From that week on, if your baby is born, it is considered at term or within expected. However, there is a margin of error in counting the expected delivery date (PPD), which reduces gestational age by two weeks. Therefore, scheduling the delivery for this week...

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